Welcome! Meet:

Irfan + Sanam

College Degree


Eastern Indian


All About Irfan & Sanam

We are a very determined and committed couple yet light hearted and love to have fun! Throughout the ups and downs that life has presented over the years, we’ve faced each with grace and dignity and always stood by one another. Having faith in God, being ethical and having a compassionate heart are not taken lightly in our home. We have worked hard in our careers to ensure that when we become parents we can give our child a comfortable and fulfilling life. We are so ready to dedicate our lives to the well being of our child and give them the best education and a meaningful upbringing!

Why Adoption?

We have been longing to be parents for years and have faced our set of struggles and heartbreak with infertility. As time passed, we realized that adoption is our calling and purpose in life. We are so hopeful of this blessing! How open or closed our adoption is, will depend on your level of comfort. Two of our very close cousins have grown their family through adoption allowing us to see firsthand that adoption creates a very special and indescribable bond filled with love and support. Our excitement grows every single day with the hope that we too can be a family of three one day!

Family & Home

We live in a very desired area of Los Angeles called Mar Vista which has a great sense of community. Our home is located in a very family centric neighborhood and we have a great relationship with all of our neighbors. We barbecue and watch sports together and always look out for one another. The community is filled with young families, parks, kid’s activities, and junior sports leagues. We have excellent schools near-by so we can give our child the best education. Our home has five bedrooms and it is very spacious with an open layout. The room we have designated as the nursery is right next to our master bedroom so we can be in close proximity to our child. We cannot wait to make that bedroom all about our baby and give him/her so much care and comfort!