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Isaac + Jessica

Physician Assistant / Loan Specialist



All About Isaac & Jessica

We are working on buying property and want to have a small farm filled with goats and horses and all sorts of other animals. We love the idea of being able to take care of our animals as a family. Right now, we spend most of our free time with our three dogs, two cats and our horse. In the summer we spend a lot of time gardening and on home improvement projects. We remodeled our entire bathroom during the summer of 2020 and Isaac spends a lot of time in his woodshop working on other projects. Jessica is a great cook so she spends a lot of time trying new techniques and recipes in the kitchen.

Why Adoption?

Jessica grew up with several adopted friends and had a lot of direct experience with it and always felt drawn to follow suit. Then she grew up and found that biological children would be a really hard road if not impossible, but it was okay. She always thought adoption was the right path.

Family & Home

We have several friends that have been adopted or are siblings of adoptees, and that has allowed us to ask a lot of the hard questions already. We know that their support will be invaluable as we navigate adoption. We live in  a small town and love the closeness that it provides. We have several close friends that are more like family than friends. We see each set of parents about once a month for various family visits. Sometimes we get together for events and sometimes it’s just because we haven’t seen each other in a while.

How others describe me

How Isaac describes Jessica: Jessica is a smart, wonderful, opinionated, sassy, and most importantly beautiful person inside and out. When Jessica decides she wants to do something it will get done. She is extremely protective of and loyal to her family and friends, to a fault. Jessica grew up taking care of animals (she had bottle-fed cats, goats, and pigs). Jessica will be the perfect balance of the “work it out” and the” I will do anything for you” parent. Jessica has a bunch of friends that have young children and she can’t wait to have them all grow up together. It will be such a joy to see her flourish as a mother. Jessica has a great job where she helps people get home loans and has a very flexible schedule because of that. 

Jessica on Isaac: The day after Isaac and I met I knew he was going to be important.  I can tell you exactly where I was when it happened. No, I can’t tell you that I was going to marry him right then and there but I always knew he would become a big part of my life. It took him a few more months to figure out that I was right, but I’m so glad that he did. Isaac is the ying to my yang, the calm to my storm. Isaac has this amazing ability to just take things as they come and just be completely unflappable. This is definitely a trait that has and will continue to serve him well as a Physician Assistant. While someone is freaking out about their child needing stitches (even if that person is me one day) he will calmly take care of it and make sure everything is handled. He is so smart and patient and I can’t wait to see him as a dad.

how we met

How We Met

We met in college. Isaac was a sophomore and Jessica was a senior. When we first met it was right before Thanksgiving, and we wound up spending Christmas together that first year even though we had only known each other a few weeks. It was an interesting way to be introduced into a family, but we're so glad that it went that way!

Advice to Future Child

Always think of others, but don’t forget yourself in that mix. Think things through, but don’t be afraid to do some things on a whim.

Perspectives on Open Adoption

We hope to develop a long and wonderful relationship with you and your baby as we would welcome you both into our family. Watching our unique family grow will be wonderful and we can’t wait to start on that journey. Telling the little one all about how you made such a loving and hard choice for them will be something that helps them understand how important all of their parents are. We hope to always maintain a relationship with the biological family. What openness looks like exactly is hard to determine right now but phone calls would always be welcome and we hope to grow that relationship into something more substantial as we get to know the biological family and vice versa. Open adoption is the healthiest option for the child and we want them to always come first.


  • Favorite Movie: Remember the Titans
  • Favorite Holiday/Tradition: watching old Christmas movies with family
  • Hobbies/Interests: sports-mostly golf and baseball, medicine, woodworking 
  • Dream Vacation: skiing maybe in the Alps
  • If I Could Choose a Superpower:  ability to heal
  • Favorite Movie: Cool Runnings
  • Favorite Holiday/Tradition: My family usually plays board games and just sort of snacks on food. We just like being loud and together.
  • Hobbies/Interests: animals, cooking, knitting, painting, violin, languages
  • Dream Vacation: Montana or Europe
  • If I Could Choose a Superpower: talk to animals

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