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Jason + Amy

Estimator / Social Worker




All About Jason & Amy

Jason is a fun-loving dad who enjoys laughing and getting others to laugh! He enjoys exploring new interests including jiu jitsu and blacksmithing. He is an especially good cook while Amy is more into baking. She enjoys whale watching, stargazing, and everything about Fall! We are blessed with our 4-year-old daughter Allie, who was born with a genetic syndrome called MAND. She is a bright spot of sunshine in our lives who works hard to push past her developmental delays, and our greatest joy is to be able to help her reach her potential. Allie enjoys dancing to all music and going on walks as often as we can. Jason is an electrician and currently in a role as an estimator. He is always learning new things at his job which keeps it interesting. Amy is a social worker, but mostly a stay at home mother. She is also a doula and enjoys when she has opportunities to be involved with this community. 

We enjoy hiking, traveling, working in the yard, reading and are always planning our next vacation. One of our favorites was to go and visit family in San Diego. We were especially excited about this trip because Allie is so fascinated with water- she loved the beach and wanted to jump right in. We love finding the things she enjoys and looking for ways to celebrate! We also try to find service projects to do as we travel, and love how this teaches us more about the cultures we explore. We have both done service missions, Amy's were working in orphanages in Ecuador and teaching English in Taiwan. Her love for children has motivated her to advocate against human trafficking and all types of abuse and neglect. Jason was in Alaska teaching about our church. He enjoys finding ways to help the community including being on an emergency response team and helping with boy scouts. We are open to all ethnicities in adoption, and if our child has a different background than us we are excited to learn about it and build it into our lives. We know that we will continue to learn through this experience and hope to teach our children the values we hold closest including love, acceptance, hard work, and integrity.


Why Adoption?

We have hoped and planned to adopt since before we were married. It was something we talked about early on. Our pregnancy with Allie was very difficult medically, and after a miscarriage and years of unexplained infertility we know now is the time for us to adopt! We also have many friends and family who have adopted children and we love seeing the joy it has brought to their lives. It is beautiful to see how their relationships with the birth parents have grown and strengthened. We will teach any children placed with us about adoption and their birth parents from the very beginning. They will know that they were and are loved by their birth parents as we share their stories with them. We strongly feel that a child would benefit from knowing their birth parents, and we are open to having contact through pictures and visits. We would love to include you in different life events including birthdays, graduations, and other milestones.

Family & Home

We love where we live in a suburb outside of Salt Lake City. We live in a rambler with lots of room and a deck we love to spend time on and see the lake. There are many parks and walking trails we enjoy and our neighborhood is full of other young families. We try to get out and use the grill frequently and try yummy new recipes or pizza. We live within a couple of hours of all of our extended families, which is such a gift for us. We both have big families, Amy is the oldest of 5 children and Jason is the youngest of 6! There are many young cousins on both sides of the family and we like to go huckleberry picking, hiking, or sledding depending on the season! Many of our neighbors are those we also see at church and activities and we have enjoyed building those relationships as well.

How others describe me

Jason is a caring and lighthearted person. He is always trying to get others to laugh and keeps a warm feeling in our home. He loves learning new things and seeks out knowledge and experiences. We are always so excited when he comes home for the day!

Amy is a strong and determined mother, advocating for our children to have their needs met. She is devoted to her family and is quick to laugh. She enjoys the moments we have together as family and is always working to build memories.

how we met

How We Met

We met at a church activity where separate groups of friends came together. We became smitten with each other and were soon inseparable. We were married a year after we met!

Advice to Future Child

Always choose to be honest with all those you interact with. Learn your values and work to follow them the best you are able.

Perspectives on Open Adoption

We know that open adoption has many positive benefits on both ends, and we are happy to have any level of communication and visits the expectant parents would like. We feel it is very important to keep any promises made about contact and will do everything we can to keep our word. We have seen that adoption can be a beautiful thing and are excited to have it as part of our story.



  • Favorite Movies: Lord of the Rings
  • Favorite Holiday: Christmas because we get to see both families, have time away from work and do fun activities.
  • Hobbies/Interests: Reading, martial arts, camping, hiking, cooking
  • Dream Vacation: European tour
  • If I Could Choose a Superpower: This is hard because there are so many great options. I'll go with complete regeneration.


  • Favorite Movies: Beauty and The Beast
  • Favorite Holiday: The 4th of July! I love fireworks, bbq and spending time with family.
  • Hobbies/Interests: Reading, baking, hula hooping, hiking
  • Dream Vacation: Oregon or Hawaii
  • If I Could Choose a Superpower: Flying. I have a fear of heights that I would love to overcome and it sounds amazing.