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All About Jason & Laura

Thank you for taking the time to look at our profile and consider our family.  Our hope is that you will get an understanding of who we are and the love and support that we will be able to provide for the gift you are considering giving us.  We both come from very strong, devoted and compassionate families and look forward to sharing those values with our children.

Why Adoption?

We chose to pursue adoption as Laura is unable to have children and was unsuccessful with several years of fertility treatments.

Family & Home

Jason and Laura were fortunate enough to build their dream home a year ago.  The home backs up to trees and there is a pond across the street.  Even though it has only been a year we hit it off quickly with our neighbors and enjoy hanging out with them.  Dylan has other kids to play with, a pond to go fishing and the woods to explore.  Weekends usually consist of letting the kids play, having a fire pit and making smores.  Dylan and our dog, Lilly, really love the large backyard.  Dylan is usually out there practicing soccer, jumping on the trampoline or playing with Lilly.   The three of them are happier than they ever could have imagined.  

Laura has a larger immediate family. Her parents recently had their 50th wedding anniversary and celebrated by taking a family vacation with all 20 family members. Laura is one of four siblings who are all married and have children. Jason and Laura have 9 nieces and nephews on her side in addition to her son. While our family gatherings may be loud and chaotic they wouldn’t have it any other way. The kids range in age from 14 to 2 and it is fun to watch them interact. Due to the size of Laura’s family, there are many birthday gatherings and get-togethers just because. Everyone is excited to welcome another little one into the family.  

Jason has a brother and five nieces and nephews. Jason’s parents recently celebrated their 47th wedding anniversary. Dylan loves going over to Jason’s parents house to ride the horses, swim, play basketball or just run around. The youngest nephew is a year younger than Dylan and they always have a good time when they get together. Jason’s family is equally as excited for this adoption journey.

How others describe me

Jason has always had a passion for cars and sports.  He is fortunate enough to have made his career in the automotive industry.  He is a buyer for a used car lot, but when time allows he is able to work on the vehicles as well.  Jason is an avid sports fan, especially hockey.  While he doesn’t play many sports anymore he is able to play golf and sand volleyball when the opportunity arises.   

Laura says:  Jason is a compassionate, calm, selfless and much loved human being.  He will go out of his way to ensure that his family and friends are taken care of.  He has quite the knack for telling dad jokes!  Watching Jason evolve into the most amazing bonus dad for my son has been amazing to witness.  The bond that Jason and Dylan have formed is truly something special.  He loves Dylan as his own and it warms this mama’s heart.  

Laura is an IT Manager for one of the largest telecommunications companies in the country.  The challenges that her job provides allow her to continue to grow and expand her career.  The flexibility in her work allows her to be available for Dyan when needed.  Laura enjoys sports, cooking and crafts.  She is not afraid to try something new.  Her favorite times are the ones spent with Jason and Dylan creating memories.  

Jason says:  Laura is the kindest, most selfless person I have ever met.  She has an amazing sense of humor, which leads to lots of laughs in our house.  Her best attribute is that she is an incredible mother.  She has made it clear to me from day one that Dylan is number one.  Laura and her ex husband do a great job of co-parenting.  Most situations with exes, there is typically animosity which wears on a child, but they have maintained a true friendship and consistently work together for whatever is best for Dylan. 

Dylan is Laura’s son from her previous marriage. He was adopted at birth and is beyond excited to have a sibling and share that special bond. Dylan is almost 10 and has known about his adoption since the beginning. Dylan has commented multiple times that he will be there to change the diapers, feed and snuggle his sibling. He is so good at interacting with babies and toddlers. Dylan has a huge heart and is always willing to help out. He loves to play soccer, ride his dirt bike and do any other activity outdoors.

how we met

How We Met

We met at a friend’s wedding. Jason has been friends with the bride for about 20 years, and Laura has been friends with the groom for about 15 years. About a year before we met, the bride had told me that she had my future wife, but she wasn’t going to introduce us until the time was right. At that time, Laura and her ex husband had recently separated, and even though Jason wasn’t excited about having to wait, the bride insisted. When their wedding date was announced, Jason knew that would be the time to finally meet this mystery girl. At the wedding, Jason had no idea who Laura was, but he had his eye on this beautiful blonde on the groom’s side the entire time, hoping that was the one. Later in the reception, Jason received confirmation that she was the one the bride was talking about. Jason finally got the courage to approach Laura, and the rest is history. We both had travel plans in the weeks after we met, so our first date was a week after the wedding where we went to dinner then sat in the driveway for several hours Our second date wasn’t until a couple weeks after that because of travel. A little over a year later we were engaged, and a year after that we were married.

Advice to Future Child

We will love, nurture and protect our baby with all of our beings. We will guide and encourage you through all of the ups and downs that this life has to offer.

Perspectives on Open Adoption

We would love to maintain contact with the birth parents if that is what they choose. We feel it is important for our child to have that relationship if they would like.


  • Favorite Movie: Batman-The Dark Knight
  • Favorite Holiday/Tradition: Christmas - Driving around and looking at lights and decorations
  • Hobbies/Interests: sports-watching all and playing golf; cars; family time
  • Dream Vacation: Bora Bora
  • If I Could Choose a Superpower: fly
  • Favorite Movie: Marvel movies
  • Favorite Holiday/Tradition: Christmas - Driving around and looking at lights and decorations
  • Hobbies/Interests: crafting, sewing, watching Dylan play soccer
  • Dream Vacation: any place with my family
  • If I Could Choose a Superpower: time travel

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