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All About Jason & Sarah

We met in 2002 while working at a summer camp.  We quickly became close friends, finding that our personalities balanced each other naturally.  We developed our friendship over the next few years before dating and eventually getting married in 2007.  In 2012, we became ordained ministers in The Salvation Army and now serve alongside each other every day as pastors.  

We love that we are each other’s best friend.  Even though we work together every day, we still enjoy spending time together.  Our pastimes include watching movies and TV shows together, hiking, and traveling to new places.  We both enjoy playing musical instruments and developing creative hobbies.  

We support one another in our hobbies and interests, and we help each other grow through the challenges of life.  We encourage one another, laugh together, cry together, and keep making each other better.  One of the defining aspects of our relationship is that we help each other to grow in compassion and grace, to live courageously and vulnerably, and to find new and persistent ways of communicating love.

Why Adoption?

Adoption is something that has always been written on our hearts - even from a young age.  We love kids and love helping them grow into capable adults who make a positive impact on the world.  Even from the early days of our friendship, we looked forward to one day growing our family through adoption.  

A very difficult season put on hold our dreams of growing our family, and we began to believe that the dream would not come true.  After grieving and healing, we experienced such fullness of life and joy that we thought our family was complete with just us and our pets.  We lived several years in this contentedness, loving the life that we had been given.  Little did we know that God had a surprise for us. 
Without warning but with great joy, our desire to adopt was reignited.  And we knew that God was leading us to once again pursue our heart’s desire to adopt.  We look forward to being able to share the love and joy of our family with a child.  We want to share our traditions, adventures, and life with them.  Adoption not only provides us this opportunity but also provides us the opportunity to grow our family even further, by inviting all of that child’s family into our own.

Family & Home

We currently live in a quiet suburb, with good neighbors and plenty of yard space.  One of our favorite features of our home is the porch swing on our wrap around porch.  We also love that our community is a quieter small town, tucked on the outskirts of a larger city.  This gives us such a sweet feeling of neighborly closeness while also providing us the amenities of living in a larger town.  It’s like having the best of both worlds. 

As pastors with The Salvation Army, we are transferred to new locations every few years.  Because we both grew up moving often, this is something that we are very used to and actually enjoy.  We love the opportunity to experience new cities and states, learn new cultures, and meet new people.  We are incredibly fortunate that everywhere we move, our work provides us with a nice house in a good neighborhood, with good schools nearby.  

We have learned that our home is less about where we live and more about who we are with.  In our house, family time is a priority.  We enjoy movie nights, music, and game nights together.  Dinner is always eaten together.  And we create space and time for creative pursuits, like practicing a musical instrument, knitting a new project, or working on a painting. 
We have two pets: Belle and Buttercup.  Belle is our charcoal lab.  She is the sweetest dog in the world; and her top priorities in life are to care for her family, make new friends, and eat.  Buttercup is our cat.  She is still young, and she is full of curiosity and energy.  She loves to play, and her favorite buddy of all time is Belle.  The two play together just like siblings.  Buttercup loves to cuddle with Sarah, especially in the evenings.  

Jason and Sarah both come from tight knit immediate families of four.  Jason’s immediate family is spread wide geographically, but they are still close at heart.  His brother and sister-in-law live in Tennessee, while his parents live in Alaska.  Despite the physical distances, this family makes it a point to get together for all of the important moments and stay in touch regularly through phone calls and texts.  Jason’s dad served 22 years in the Marine Corps, after which both parents became Salvation Army pastors.  Some of their favorite memories as a family include Jason and his brother performing in various theater performances and long family road trips.

Sarah’s immediate family is a little closer geographically.  Sarah’s parents have served as pastors in The Salvation Army, serving in various parts of the United States and in Latin America.  Sarah and her sister were raised bilingual and with an assortment of cultural influences as a result of the various places in which they have lived as a family.  As a family, we love to spend Christmas together and still make it a point to do so every year.  We love to travel, play board games, and experience new things.

Both of our families have always been safe places to learn and grow.  They continue to be sources of encouragement and support.  And everyone is incredibly excited about growing the family through this adoption process.  It is such a gift to be a part of this family, and we look forward to sharing that gift.

How others describe me

How Jason describes Sarah:  Sarah is a kind, compassionate individual who always wants the best for everyone.  While often quiet and reserved, she can go full mama bear when circumstances dictate the action.  She spends a lot of time seeing the best in people and striving to get them to see it, too.  She has tremendous empathy for the whole world, which leads to her desire to see good things happen to everyone. 

How Sarah describes Jason: Jason is a father figure to many.  He mentors and encourages others as they navigate life’s ups and downs, bringing out the best in people.  He is always ready to have fun, but he knows how to  be serious when needed.  Jason is such a stabilizing force in all of his relationships.  Steady and level-headed, he is generous and kind, while also faithfully protecting those he loves.

how we met

How We Met

In the summer of 2002, we were both working at a Salvation Army summer camp.  Jason was working as a counselor, and Sarah was working as dining room staff.  Sarah was a lot more bashful and timid those days, and so she stuck close to a coworker who had become a good friend over previous years of summer camp.  This friend had a huge crush on Jason, and so she spent all of her available time hanging around him.  Sarah, naturally, ended up hanging out with Jason, too, since that’s where her friend was. 
About halfway through the summer, the mutual friend’s position ended, while we continued in our positions for the rest of the summer.  By then, we had started to establish our friendship with each other, and we spent the rest of the summer hanging out.  We each found the other to be easy to talk to, fun to be around, and a healthy balance to our own personalities.  From that moment moving forward, our friendship continued to grow and deepen. 

It was years later that our friendship blossomed into romance.  But the foundation of friendship that we built from the beginning has remained a vital part of our relationship.  And we will be forever grateful to our mutual friend and her crush that brought us together.

Advice to Future Child

Be fully you.  Love without limits, and have faith in the God who loves you beyond measure.  You will never have to earn our love or God’s love, and there is nothing you can do to lose that love.  You are uniquely made: on purpose, for a purpose.  And we can’t wait to see who you will become and how you will make the world a better place.

Perspectives on Open Adoption

We are grateful that open adoption is becoming the standard in domestic adoptions.  There are questions that a child has that only his or her biological family can help answer, and open adoption often allows those answers to be given.  And we understand that open adoption helps to provide healing and closure to both the adoptee and the biological family.  

Open adoption can look in many different ways, and we are open to finding the right fit.  Whether that is occasional pictures and letters or regular phone calls, texts, or visits - we want a relationship that allows communication.  

We also understand that open adoption is not the right fit for every biological family.  And we respect that.  We want to honor the decision that is best for everyone involved.



  • Favorite Movie: Star Wars
  • Favorite Holiday/Tradition: game night at Christmas
  • Hobbies/Interests: theatre, sports, music, reading, painting
  • Dream Vacation: London Englad to visit 221B Baker St
  • If I Could Choose a Superpower: flight


  • Favorite Movie: The Princess Bride
  • Favorite Holiday/Tradition: My favorite holiday is Christmas.  Christmas morning has always been special in our family.  No matter where we lived or how much we had.  We would open our stockings whenever we woke up, and after everyone was awake, my dad would read Luke 2 from the Bible.  After prayer, we’d open our presents, and then someone would make breakfast.  The rest of the day was spent enjoying family time, napping, playing board games, and watching movies.  This is a tradition we still keep to this day, and it is something that I look forward to passing down to a child someday.
  • Hobbies/Interests: knitting, music, reading, photography
  • Dream Vacation: Ireland or Hawaii
  • If I Could Choose a Superpower: strength

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