Welcome! Meet:

Jeff + Carol

Systems Engineer / Digital Marketing

New Jersey

Multi-Ethnic / Caucasian


All About Jeff & Carol

We are everyday adventurers, curious learners, and clumsy cooks in the kitchen. We love trying new things, and are rarely bored. One of the best parts about living in the Northeast is that we get to do different things outdoors in all 4 seasons, whether that be fishing, hiking, paddleboarding, snow-tubing, swimming or biking - fresh air always feels good. 

We take care of ourselves and believe we have to take care of the planet, as well as respect & love all of the people on it. We have a diverse group of friends and family, and love exploring culture and food from around the world. Jeff even likes to pretend he’s perfected Thai cooking.

We also have 2 pups, River & Lady, who come with us on most of our adventures - as well as sleep the rest of the time. They’re really loving mini-labradoodles and are great with kids.

Why Adoption?

We have so much love between us, and to share with a child. Carol was actually adopted from Colombia when she was a baby, and grew up in a wonderful home in upstate NY, alongside her American-adopted sister! Between her experience, and our shared values, adoption has always been the first choice for both of us in terms of how to grow our family. 

After spending time with our nephews, now 7 and 11, we knew that it was time - we are ready in every way to add a baby to our home, and be able to raise it with the love of more than 2 people: our love, as well as the love of his/her birth family that we will always remind them of. Being open about adoption - answering questions honestly, reminding the child where they come from, and making sure they know how loved they truly are - was one of the biggest gifts Carol’s parents gave to her, and something we feel strongly about giving to our child.

Family & Home

Jeff’s family is all within about an hour of us in NJ, and we see them often - for holidays and for casual get-togethers, sports games to watch our nephews play in, or local events like plays or parades. Carol’s family is in upstate NY in the home she grew up in, and we are very close with them, as well. We each stay in close touch with our sisters, both of whom can’t wait to be an Aunt! 

Our neighborhood is quiet, safe and has a variety of families - some with kids, some without. Lots of dogs around, and some deer that like to munch on everyone’s backyard plants! Our community is warm & friendly, and has a small downtown with lots to do - from ice cream to game stores, to an impressive variety of restaurants. Jeff loves the Thai place, and Carol is torn between the Italian restaurant and the brunch spot…too hard to choose. 

Finally, our home is a place of love, and while it is always clean, we also keep it really colorful & cozy. We have 4 bedrooms, one of which is for our future child - and we have a small backyard with a gated deck, so the pups (and kids) can play safely.

How others describe me

Carol would describe Jeff as… 

My rock. My stability in a storm - when life gets hard, he is 100% always there for me, ready to reassure, comfort, give me confidence, and be my biggest cheerleader. He is also the smartest person I know, and I would never willingly play trivia against him! He will make a wonderful, patient & hilarious dad - something I’m so looking forward to witnessing. 

Jeff would describe Carol as…

Unstoppable! She is a great combination of curious and determined - and that’s driven her to success in her life, as well as honestly making me want to be better as a result. She is a source of constant adventure, love, empathy and strength - the center of her family and our social circle. She’ll be an incredible, hands-on mom and I can’t wait to see our child learning from her!

how we met

How We Met

We met in college - our dorms were across the lawn from each other, and we got to know each other slowly, here & there between classes…we decided to date, with Jeff teaching Carol how to play a guitar that she never really learned, and Carol trying movie-after-movie to find one that Jeff loved (surprise: it was “Must Love Dogs” that did the trick!) At a party that summer, Jeff jokingly proposed to Carol with a RingPop (which she accepted!) - who knew we’d be engaged for real about 3 years later?!

Advice to Future Child

Because we don’t know you yet, we don’t know who you’ll grow into - but we do know that God made you to be unique, so please always be yourself! We will always support you as you figure out who that is, and do our best to help you overcome obstacles in your path. The more comfortable you are in your own skin, the more power you have to be happy in this world, which is what we hope for you: peace, joy & happiness.


Perspectives on Open Adoption

Open adoption wasn’t really an option when Carol and her sister were each adopted, but it’s something we think is absolutely great if the birth family is interested! In general, taking away questions can reduce fear and insecurities - in all kids, let alone adopted children. So our hearts are open to an ongoing relationship with our baby’s birth family, and look forward to working together to find a balance that works for everyone.


  • Favorite Movie: Indiana Jones - all of ‘em
  • Favorite Holiday/Tradition: Every Easter - growing up and now - we get together with my side of the family the night before and dye eggs. Some years we use the usual kits, some years we try something new like vegetable dyes (those eggs weren’t as cool…). And every year my Mom creates amazing eggs she spends weeks on that look like little works of art. We all collect them each year - it’s one of my very favorite holidays for sure!
  • Hobbies/Interests: fly fishing, fly-tying, reading, running and catching the latest TV series to binge on a long weekend
  • Dream Vacation: I’d love to go to Alaska - either during the winter or the summer - to fish and to see the wildlife up there. It’s supposed to be incredible.
  • If I Could Choose a Superpower: I’d like to be able to not need sleep - I could have so many more hours in the day to enjoy.
  • Favorite Movie: Apollo 13
  • Favorite Holiday/Tradition: We go above-and-beyond the usual Christmas Cookie baking tradition in our house - we have a cookie battle. Our sisters and us all agree on an annual theme, and then we choose our own cookie to make. It’s a day of sharing measuring cups, mixers and oven-time, ending with a blinded taste test for our parents. It is my favorite tradition, even though I have never won!
  • Hobbies/Interests: paddle-boarding, hiking, running, reading, playing board games
  • Dream Vacation: scuba-diving with hammerhead sharks in Bimini - but I am not scuba certified and would probably chicken out!
  • If I Could Choose a Superpower: Hmm…maybe to teleport and avoid traffic for the rest of my life

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