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Crew Leader/ Bounce House Owner / Insurance Coordinator/ Bounce House Owner

South Carolina



All About Jonathan & Katie

Katie- I am an Insurance Coordinator at a hospital, and I am a co owner of our jump castle business. My primary job will give me twelve weeks of maternity leave when we bring a baby home, and I look forward to the bonding time. I love to cook for my family, go shopping, and play with the kids outside. I also enjoy board games, fishing, and spending time with friends and family. I love a good bonfire with my favorite people and am always up for family trips to the beach, the mountains, an aquarium, or a zoo.

Jonathan- I am the Crew Leader at a landscape company and co-owner of a jump castle business. 

I am thankful to have jobs that are family-friendly and flexible. I enjoy hunting, fishing,  yard work, building things around the house, spending time with friends and family, and working on cars and trucks.  As a child, I was taught the importance of family values, manners, and treating others with love. As a father, I strive to teach my children the importance of love, family, loyalty, hard work,  and respect. I love being a father to our two boys, and I look forward to  experiencing everything that comes with having a newborn in our home.  I am excited to hear little feet running across the floor, listen to more laughter, and feel the love expand in our family. I want to raise my children to be strong and successful adults who care for the people around them.

Why Adoption?

During Katie’s first marriage, she was blessed with two sons. The pregnancies were very difficult, and she had major health complications. We are so thankful to have two healthy sons but have also mourned the fact that we will not be able to have children together biologically. God has grown our hearts for adoption very quickly, and now we can’t imagine adding to our family any other way.

Family & Home

Our home has five bedrooms and two bathrooms. Our favorite place in our home is our large family room. It is where we gather to have fun and make memories. We  also enjoy spending time in our big backyard with friends and family. A baby girl will have  her own space to play, and we can’t wait to see her playing with the boys. 

We have a very good connection with our neighbors. We have other children in the  neighborhood for the kids to play outdoors and do fun activities as in riding bikes, playing on jump castles, and we will sometimes have dinner with neighbors. 

We live in a small town in  South Carolina with many beaches and activities within  driving distance. We have parks nearby, theaters, zoo, splash pad, and an aquarium.  We enjoy going to these places with family and friends.  

Wyatt is nine years old, and he is a wonderful big brother. He loves playing video games and football, reading to his little brother, and having Nerf wars with his family. He is a brilliant child for his age. He loves to read educational books and watch documentaries about history.

Mason is a very energetic and fun seven-year-old. He is a handsome, spunky, loving, and cuddly little boy who would do anything for anyone. Mason loves to play football, video games, and Uno and is always up for a Nerf war. He is very outdoorsy and enjoys getting dirty, playing with, and caring for younger kids. Mason is very close to his older brother and is ecstatic about having a little sister.

Jonathan’s parents and his brothers are all excited to be a part of the child’s life. His dad is a family man who would do anything for his loved ones, and his mother is a homemaker who is nurturing and loving. His brothers are always willing to help with anything and are very family driven. Katie’s mother is a wonderful grandma who enjoys spending time with her grandchildren. We can always rely on our family members to be there in times of need. They are always willing to help, and we do the same for them. We see most of our family every week. Anytime we are all together it looks like a big party; lots of laughter and love all around. Everyone is excited and very eager for the arrival of our new addition. We know she will be loved, cared for, and supported as she grows, not just by us, but by all our family. 

How others describe me

In Jonathan’s Words

Katie is my partner in life. She is one of the most generous, caring, loving, and thoughtful people I know. She makes me a better person and continuously motivates me through life. Katie is always willing to lend a helping hand. She is not just my wife; she is my best friend. I feel very fortunate to be married to her and have her in my life. My wish for her is to have the opportunity to be the best mother to our kids. 

Katie is a very loving and kind mother to our children. She knows patience, acceptance, and encouragement to our family. She enjoys cooking with the kids and reading to them. She is very excited and ready to welcome a little girl into the family with open arms and a big heart. She is already an outstanding mother, and I imagine her love will just continue to grow along with our family.

In Katie’s Words

Jonathan is a wonderful husband and partner. We work, play, and laugh together daily. He is my rock, and it never ceases to amaze me how loyal, honest, compassionate, and strong he is. I know he will be the best dad to our growing family. If I ever doubt myself or get discouraged, he is always there. The bond we share is truly a gift from God.

He loves to play football, help with homework, play video games, and enjoy Nerf wars with the boys. He is very excited to add to our family. Jonathan will be an amazing father, looking for every opportunity to cherish love and care for a daughter.

how we met

How We Met

We met on a dating site, clicked instantly on our first date, and very quickly fell in love. We share the same values, and our  personalities mesh so well. After we met, we  spent as much time together as possible.  Some of the things we love doing are going  out for a nice dinner, taking walks on the  beach, and watching a movie together. We  dated for a year and five months before  Jonathan proposed on the beach. 

Our wedding was simple, and we were  married at the courthouse---Jonathan and the boys wore camouflage. After we spent  some time taking photos to remember the  day, we all went to Red Lobster for a meal. 

We got married in 2019 and are very  supportive of one another. It is very easy for us to love and trust each other because  we have strong communication, prioritize  each other, and are very loyal. We enjoy  cooking family meals together and love  spending time with friends and family. As  a couple, we are adventurous, love to go  to the beach and the mountains, ride four wheelers, go to the movies, and even like shopping together.

Advice to Future Child

We look forward to welcoming a beautiful amazing little girl to our family. We love everything that comes with parenthood: more laughs, more little feet running across the floors, more love to give, more cuddles, more hugs, more personalities, and more fun to be had. We’re excited to see Wyatt and Mason as older brothers. Our  prayer for our children is that they grow up to be kind, loving adults who hold strong family values. We pray they will always know they are loved and cared for, no matter what.

Perspectives on Open Adoption

We are very excited to be adopting and have so much love to share with a child as we expand our family. We want you to know we are praying for you every day. Our hearts are with you; we love you and respect you. We are honored to know our paths have crossed with yours and hope to get to know you soon. 

Please know we will unconditionally love and cherish the child if we are chosen to be their adoptive family. She will always know how loved she is, and we will make sure she knows her story and takes pride in it. We want to honor and respect whatever level of openness you are comfortable with in the future. 

We hope this profile gives you a genuine glimpse into our lives. We want to thank you even though those words could never express how thankful we truly are.


  • Favorite Movie: The Blind Side
  • Favorite Holiday/Tradition: Christmas
  • Hobbies/Interests: hunting, fishing, work on vehicles, playing outside with the kids,home improvements, family vacations, trips to the beach, spend time with friends and family
  • Dream Vacation: Alaska
  • If I Could Choose a Superpower: protector
  • Favorite Movie: anything funny
  • Favorite Holiday/Tradition: Halloween and Christmas
  • Hobbies/Interests: cooking, fishing, trips to the beach, spending time with friends and family, trips to the mountains, playing cards or board games with the kids
  • Dream Vacation: Bora Bora
  • If I Could Choose a Superpower: being a super mommy to my kids

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