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All About Kelsey & Kevin

About Kevin:

I was born and raised in St Louis, Missouri and have a brother named Kyle whom I am very close with. At a young age, I loved to play baseball and basketball. I was a pitcher until I was in eighth grade. In high school, my freshman year I was involved in cross country. My interests in high school were playing video games, hanging out with friends, and doing well in school. I graduated high school in 2009, worked for 2 years, and then enlisted in the Air Force. I served in the Air Force as an in-flight refueler for 6 years. My job consisted of refueling air crafts in the air and managing cargo and passengers. I deployed 6 times over 6 years to Afghanistan and Turkey. In 2017 I got out of the air force and traveled to Hannibal, MO where I started college and met my wife, Kelsey. I completed 2 years at Hannibal-LaGrange University studying Computer Information Systems. That is something that I really enjoy and wish to continue in the future. I enjoy making my own computer and everything techy. I enjoy playing disc golf with friends, golfing, playing DND, playing video games, spending time with my wife, and spending time with my friends and family. 

About Kelsey:

I was born and raised in Iowa and was born into a large family. I am a septuplet and have 4 brothers and 3 sisters. In birth order I am baby number 4. Having that many siblings is a blessing and we were all very close growing up and still are. They are our village and are rallying behind us as we bring a new child into our home. In high school I was involved in band, choir, musicals, was captain of the soccer team, and won awards for singing/acting. I had a passion for singing and it was my then goal to be on Broadway someday. In 2016 I graduated high school and thought I wanted to go to college for music. As classes started I quickly found that music was not what I wanted and I found a new love for communications/public relations. I then was involved in our Broadcast department where I was a news reporter/anchor for our campus news station. I had to write, shoot, and edit all of our stories/ videos and had such a blast being a part of it. Our broadcast team won multiple awards for our hard work and the memories made will last a lifetime. I graduated from Hannibal-LaGrange University with a bachelors in Public Relations in 2020. While attending college I also began attending a new church where I met my husband. Kevin also attended Hannibal-LaGrange University so we had a few classes together as well. Fast forward to now we are married, gained new fur babies, and now reside close by. A few things I enjoy are drinking coffee, graphic design, playing DND with Kevin, being outside, thrifting, embroidery, trying out new hobbies, spending time with my husband, and spending time with my friends and family.

Why Adoption?

We have always had a heart for adoption and after not being able to have our own, we felt strongly that the Lord had opened the door for adoption. We struggled with fertility for about 3 years and knew that adoption was something we would pursue sometime in life, so why not now! Adoption is a gift and we are so thankful for it.

Family & Home

Our Home:

We live in a very cozy 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home and reside in Northeast, Missouri. Our cute yellow home stands on the end of the road, and our backyard is filled with trees and lots of places to explore. Our home is 1,300 square feet and we have a cozy front and back porch to spend summer nights on. Our neighborhood is small, safe, and quiet. Kids are often out playing, riding bikes, and playing with their dogs. Neighbors keep to themselves but lend a helping hand when needed. We have three fur babies that are named Dexter, Sunny, and Hermione. Our home is our safe space and we love having the opportunity to share it with our friends and family. We can’t wait to share our loving home with our future child. 

Kelsey's Side:

My parents’ names are Kenny and Bobbi McCaughey. I am a septuplet and have 7 brothers and sisters. I have an older sister named Mikayla. Starting from birth order with the 7 of us it goes, Kenny, Alexis, Natalie, Kelsey (me), Nathan, Brandon, and Joel. My family is very close and loves to spend as much time together as possible. Mikayla is married to Joshua and together they have 4 kids. Kenny is married to Synthia and together they have 1 baby. Natalie is married to Shawn. Brandon is married to Alana and together they have 1 baby, and another on the way. Our times together as a big family are so fun. We play games, go out for ice cream, run around with all the kiddos, play outside, and just have the best time together. I love when all of my siblings are together because we all have such a fun time together. Time spent together is always a joy and I love having such a large family that loves and cares for those around them well. It gives me great comfort seeing them as such great parents and knowing that my children will grow up around them, and that our child will have so many wonderful cousins! I know that they will love and care for our future children like their own.

Kevin's Side:

My parents’ names are Randy and Linda. I also have one brother named Kyle. Kyle is married to Erin and together they have 3 baby girls. We are all very close and love spending as much time together as possible. My family lives very close by and are just a phone call away. Our child is going to have the best grandparents, cousins, and aunts and uncles. Time together often looks like playing games, sharing a meal together, going shopping, sharing stories, laughing until our bellies hurt, and sharing encouragement and love. They are all giving their full encouragement and support towards us and are going to love this baby so much!


We love spending time with friends and feel that they are very important in life. We have built a community together within our church, DND groups, disc golf club, college, and jobs. Kevin holds guys’ evenings at our house where they hang out, eat food, and fellowship with each other. Kelsey is also involved in monthly ladies hangouts where they hang out at one another’s houses, sharing a meal, sharing an activity, and fellowshipping as well. We have built relationships that are certain to be lifelong friendships and know that each and every one of them will love and care for our child no matter what.

How others describe me

By Kevin:

Kelsey is a kind thoughtful soul. She always looks to put others first before herself. That is one of the first things that drew me to her. We attended the same church group at one of the members’ houses. Every night we would have dinner and every night you could see Kelsey serving by making food, making plates for members, and always being the last one to get a plate. Kelsey is the greatest servant I know, but she does that all due to her faith in Christ. She is a servant because she imitates her life to be like Christ. Kelsey is the most kind, gentle, funny, sweet, BEAUTIFUL, funny, selfless, empowering, uplifting, nurturing, and patient woman I know. The way she loves my brother’s daughters brings me to tears often. The way she holds them and plays kitchen with them helps me understand what a wonderful mother she will be. She never gets upset when one of the girls’ cries, she just listens. I have never seen anyone care for children like her. I have learned a lot from Kelsey and she is my best friend. Her love for Jesus Christ is so bright in her life. I can’t wait to see her as a mother, holding and showing that child Christ like love. I have been blessed to have found a wife as loving, forgiving, and graceful as her.

By Kelsey:

Kevin is the most loving, passionate person I know. He is the best husband, protector, leader, and he is my best friend. He loves fiercely and with his whole heart and I know he will be the same way with a little one in his arms. He is nurturing, loving, gentle, kind, funny, protective, smart, caring, level-headed, and will be such an amazing father. He is always willing to lend a helping hand and cares for those around him so much. Everyone who knows Kevin knows that not only is he funny and easy to be around, he is easy to love. I firmly believe that Kevin is going to be the best dad and is going to love a child the way Jesus loves us. He is the sweetest uncle to our nieces and nephews and they just love and adore him so much. He is silly and so fun. He is my absolute favorite person in the whole world and no one is more deserving to be a dad than him. I thank God every day that I get to be his wife and partner as we receive the gift of becoming parents.

how we met

How We Met

My husband Kevin and I (Kelsey) have been married for 3 years now and the Lord laid on our hearts very early on that we wanted to be parents. We both were raised in Christian households and our faith has been our foundation in everything we do. We are both employed full time and I work at Clarity Healthcare and Kevin works for the Hannibal Board of Public Works. Kevin is also a veteran as he served in the United States Air Force for 6 years. I come from a very large family as I am a septuplet. We have a large village behind us who will love and support this child no matter what. We have been dreaming of becoming parents for as long as we can remember. As fertility struggles run in my family, I knew our journey for children was not going to be easy. The first 2 years of our marriage were filled with fertility appointments, medications, surgery, injections, travel, failed inseminations, and heartbreak. That’s when I knew that our door to fertility had come to a close and a new door to adoption had opened. Adoption is a gift and we are so grateful for it. We met in 2016 where we were both a part of the same church small group and had classes together at college. We became fast friends and started to become very close. Fast forward to 2018, we were both out of old relationships when Kevin took his chance and showed interest in me. At this point we pretty much knew everything about each other and were both interested in each other without the other knowing. I often stated, “Whoever gets to marry Kevin is going to be one lucky girl.” and vice versa for Kevin. We officially started dating shortly after and knew quickly that we were meant for each other. Kevin proposed in October of 2019, and we were married June of 2020. Our marriage has been nothing short of sweet and it continues to get sweeter every single day.

Advice to Future Child

How will you explain adoption to your child?

We will let our child know how loving and brave their birth parents are and how that profound bravery made us a family. Adoption is never something we will hide or take lightly, and we want to make sure we are truthful with our child and will answer any questions our child may have. We think it is so important to be truthful in as loving a way as possible, while also being compassionate and prayerful in those conversations.  

What do you think makes a good parent? 

Being gentle, patient, kind, and understanding is so important. Though it may not be easy at times, it’s important to recognize emotions and how to use them toward our children. We will love and teach our children not out of annoyance or anger, but out of love. We want to raise our child to love and care for those around them like Jesus loves us, while also preparing them for life ahead. 

A typical day for us:

A typical day for us looks like going to work, after work coming home to make dinner for the two of us, relaxing for the evening watching a show or playing a game together. On the weekends, we take Fridays and go on a date together either going out to eat, going to the movies, going shopping, or spending some time outdoors together playing disc golf. We also take time out to spend with friends and family and to be with community.

Perspectives on Open Adoption

We are open to whatever the birth parents are comfortable with. We want to make sure we have good relationships and that the overall priority is making sure our children are taken care of and are given a loving, safe home.


  • Favorite Movie: Harry Potter Series
  • Favorite Holiday/Tradition: Going to my aunts house for every holiday and spending time together playing games for hours on end and eating really good food!
  • Hobbies/Interests: Loves to play disc golf, loves to play DND, loves to play video games. I enjoy being with my family and hanging out with my brother. I enjoy spending time with my friends, my wife, and my family.
  • Dream Vacation: Going to the mountains with my wife and playing the most beautiful disc golf courses there while also finding time to relax and find the best places to eat as well!
  • If I Could Choose a Superpower: Super Strength
  • Favorite Movie: The Iron Man Series
  • Favorite Holiday/Tradition: I have a very large family so my favorite is when all members of the family are able to come and we have all of us together with all the kiddos running around. We play games, decorate cookies, and listen to music. It's the best.
  • Hobbies/Interests: I love to sing, embroider, drink coffee, play DND with my husband, play disc golf with my husband, spend time with friends, and spend time with my family.
  • Dream Vacation: To have both sides of our families rent a cabin in the mountains and sing songs by the campfire and relax and enjoy each other.
  • If I Could Choose a Superpower: To read people's minds!

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