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Luke + Bethany

Sales / Kindergarten Teacher




All About Luke & Bethany

Thank you for taking the time to learn about our family’s loves, dreams, and values with you! We are Luke, Bethany, Eliza, and our dog Stella. It is our desire that through the words and pictures here you get to know our family well. The decision you’re considering is courageous, and your strength and love is admired by us. Our hearts are with you and we pray you find crystal clear clarity and peace in whatever decision you choose to pursue. We love family dance parties, splashing in puddles, building snowmen, reading books, going on walks with our doggie, and being together!

Luke loves being a fully engaged dad and husband. He’s always ready to be silly, blow bubbles, and listen to what Bethany and our daughter need. Taking walks as a family and working on home projects are some of his favorite things to do. He works at a technology company and enjoys helping people find their “perfect fit” product. Bethany adores being a mom and wife! Dancing around the house, playing make believe, cooking, and going for walks as a family fill her heart with joy. One of her favorite things to do is cuddle up with a blanket and tea to read a book, whether by herself or with our daughter. She teaches Kindergarten and considers it an honor to witness the joy and pride when a child’s passion for learning grows. Eliza is tender, curious, yet cautious, and decisive. Her favorite things are reading, counting, playing make pretend, being outside, and animals of every kind. Although reserved in social settings, when she’s at home she loves to sing, play instruments, and dance!

We value relationships and being a home that is bursting with love and laughter. Our days reflect this as we prioritize time connecting as a family through conversation, play, and having lots of fun!

Why Adoption?

The decision you’re considering is courageous, and your strength and love is admired by us. Our hearts are with you and we pray you find crystal clear clarity and peace in whatever decision you choose to pursue. 

From before our marriage began, we knew we had a desire to grow our family through adoption. Bethany’s family had dear friends who grew their family through adoption, and that experience drew her heart to adoption. When we began talking about getting married and starting a family, pursuing adoption was always part of the conversation. After about three years of marriage, through prayer, it was clear to us that we should take the next faithful steps forward toward pursuing adoption to grow our family. In 2018, our family grew through the adoption of our daughter. Our faith is important to us, so through prayer we’ve decided to add to our family again! The pursuit of growing our family again through adoption is an honor. We desire for our daughter and future child to grow up in a home where their sibling is able to have a similar lived experience, and their unique adoption stories are held open and supported.

Please know that what is precious to you, would be precious to us. We wrote this in our first adoption profile book on our journey to adopt our daughter, and it still rings true as we sit to write to you. We are excited to grow our family again with an abundance of love and joy. 

Although raising children is a journey that we are excited about taking in our lives, we are even more excited to shepherd our children on their own life journeys!

Family & Home

We live in a diverse neighborhood in the Twin Cities, MN.  Our home has a fenced in backyard perfect for building snowmen and running around in the summer. We have parks nearby to frequent often, and we love to take walks in the neighborhood. We have a flower garden that Bethany and Eliza love to work in and pick pretty flowers for the house! We also love to plant, pick, and eat our own vegetables in spring, summer and fall. We often attend organized neighborhood events, as well as casually get together with the other families to hang out. Bethany teaches at the same school our daughter attends, so we are also very involved there with different events, relationships, and activities. 

Bethany has two older brothers and a younger sister. They all live close and get together often. Her oldest brother and his wife have two daughters and two sons! Bethany’s parents are also nearby, so Granny and Papa will be around for playing outside, baking cookies and sharing their love. Luke has two older sisters and a younger brother. His sister and her husband have a daughter, and  his younger brother and wife have a son and daughter! We see Luke’s parents and siblings for visits, especially around the Thanksgiving and Christmas season. Meemaw and Papa enjoy showering their grandkids with love, by letting them take the lead in what they want to play.

How others describe me

Luke as told by Bethany

Faithful. Kind. Compassionate. Patient. Hard Working. Fun! 

Luke can command a crowded room with his smile and laughter, but can also engage in deep conversation with anyone. He loves being active, either working out or playing sports. He thrives when he is with other people, whether it’s playing sports, watching a movie, or just gathering for a meal. Luke graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications  and works for a technology company. He loves connecting with his customers to recommend products perfect for them. Luke has a deep desire to love and honor others through his words and actions. Our home is blessed to have him as husband and Daddy. All of Luke’s traits are only enhanced through being a dad . He is fully engaged from playing make believe to running around the backyard to middle of the night feedings. He always seeks to listen to our daughter, and doesn’t shy away when she has big emotions. Instead, he loves unconditionally and tenderly. 

Bethany as told by Luke

Loving. Kind. Faithful. Compassionate. Thoughtful. Beautiful.

Bethany is my best friend and I’m blessed to have her as my wife and mother of our daughter. Bethany is passionate about caring for others, and that is clear by how she works to meet their needs. Whether it’s friends, family, or her students, she makes time to listen to joys and hardships. Bethany loves God with all her heart and is faithful in all things in her life. Bethany loves to cook, go for walks, and cuddle with a blanket and cup of tea. It is a true pleasure to watch Bethany in motherhood. She cares so deeply for Eliza and is always in tune with her. Bethany is always able to uncover the needs of our daughter and meet them with excellence, patience, and joy. She is compassionate, caring, and loving. She is so gentle and tender in her care for Eliza. Eliza thinks the world of her mom. They cuddle, they laugh, and they read books daily. They cook together often, take care of the garden, and have such a blast spending time together. Bethany graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education and works as a Kindergarten teacher. She considers it an honor to witness the joy and pride when a child’s passion for learning grows. Due to this, education is a valued part of our family’s life!

how we met

How We Met

We met in college during Luke’s junior year and Bethany’s sophomore year through mutual friends. At the time, our friends were interested in each other and needed each of us to be their “wing-men.” At first, we were just there to support our friends, but soon became close friends ourselves. After taking a walk in late August, Luke asked Bethany out on a date, and she responded by asking him if that date included being a couple! 

In December 2013, we said, “I do,” in a small church ceremony, braving the Midwest ice storm that was brewing outside. Despite the weather, the day was perfect and a beautiful start to our marriage! 

To this day, we work to make each other and our marriage a priority. We love to set aside time to talk, connect, watch movies, and play games together! We believe from the first time we met God has been at hand creating our love story, and He continues to write it today.

Advice to Future Child

Keep in your heart that you are strong, precious, brave, beautiful, bold, and beloved. And we won’t ever stop reminding and showing you that. 

Choose to value relationships first and see the lovely around you. 

Open your heart to feel love and joy, and let that lead you to care deeply and love others fiercely. 

We will work to foster memory making for our family, hoping you cherish every moment, both big and small. 

Feel the freedom to be silly, have fun, and laugh a lot. 

Pray without ceasing, God hears your prayers! You are infinitely precious to Him.

A well-rounded education that supports you as a whole person is important, and we will be here to cheer you on  in your dreams, goals, and passions.

Perspectives on Open Adoption

Openness is a valuable way to allow a child to experience their adoption story first hand. We believe openness strengthens a child’s identity,  shows a child all the people who love them, and benefits everyone! We are open to emails, texts, photo updates, and visits. It’s our hope and desire to have an open adoption that is centered on the child and rooted in love. We have an open adoption relationship with our daughter’s birth family. It has been a joy to share updates, continue to grow our relationship, and wrap around her with love.

Each adoption and open relationship is unique and we understand that it is an incredibly personal decision. We would love to talk with you about what you envision regarding openness in your life!


  • Favorite Movie: Batman Movies
  • Favorite Holiday/Tradition: putting up the Christmas tree as a family
  • Hobbies/Interests: playing sports, being outside, home improvement projects, and playing Pokemon with our daughter (the video game or playing make pretend!)
  • Dream Vacation: hiking mountains in new places
  • If I Could Choose a Superpower: super speed
  • Favorite Movie: Finding Nemo
  • Favorite Holiday/Tradition: Getting new pajamas or wearing fun family pajamas for Christmas. It’s so fun to match with our little one, she loves it!
  • Hobbies/Interests: reading, trying new recipes, being active/hiking, playing make pretend and dancing with our daughter
  • Dream Vacation: going hiking as a whole family. I hope to hike the Grand Canyon someday!
  • If I Could Choose a Superpower: talk with animals

We’re here to help.