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All About Makeba

I am an African American woman who lives in Brooklyn, NY. I was born and raised in the home that I currently occupy. I am the youngest of 4 with two brothers and a sister. I have an older adult parent who is funny, sassy and ready to be a grandmother. I am a Social Worker and college administrator who works in mental health.  Last year, I graduated with my Ph.D. in Social Services from Fordham University.  For over 20 yearsI have worked as a clinical social worker and for 3 years as the Interim Director of a college counseling office.  I am a certified book nerd! Since I was 13 years old, I have been reading for pleasure. My favorite genres are romance, self-help and autobiographies. I used to attend Book Con here in NYC which was a convention for authors, publishers and readers.  I enjoy indoor and outdoor music concerts, nature walks, walking and yoga.  I am a very BIG football fan. My favorite teams are the NY Giants and University of Michigan Wolverines (GO BUE!).

Why Adoption?

I have ALWAYS wanted to be a mother. I have a fantastic relationship with my own mom and she was and is my best friend, confidante and strongest supporter. I want to experience this type of love, friendship and adventure with my own child. Also, I know that my dreams may have been deferred but not denied so I am waiting and hoping for a child that will come into my life and add such a sense of wonder and miracle to my life.  Lately, I know that I am emotionally and financially ready to support a birth mother and a child in the journey of adoption.

Family & Home

I live in a brownstone in the Bedford Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn, NY. Brooklyn is an urban city and I am blessed to own my home. I live around a park, train station, supermarkets, elementary and middle school. I live in a diverse neighborhood so my child will be around all ethnicities and cultures.  As a side note, I was born and bred in my home so I know that this 100 plus years old home is looking forward to another group of children to run up and down the halls.  Also, I am the youngest of 4 children so I have two older brothers and one older sister. They do not have children so they are very excited about becoming an aunt and uncle.  We all live within a few miles from each other so they will be there for childcare and other fun activities with my child.

How others describe me

My best friends and closest sisters would describe me as determined, funny, loving and slightly introverted. I can be the life of the party but I like to attend small intimate gatherings not big shindigs that have an attendance record of 100.  They would say that I am a hard worker, love to laugh and make other people laugh.  I love to work with children (especially the 2-5 years old group in Sunday school) and like minded people.  I love to travel and experience different cultures.  They would describe me as a football fanatic and a hardcore NY Giants and Knicks fan.  They would say that I am a very loving, caring and kind person who is very present with everyone that she encounters and interacts with.

Advice to Future Child

My advice to my future child is that I have loved you since before I knew you existed. I love the very thought of you and you may not have come from my body but you are forever in my heart. You have a great birth mother who loves you and you have your mommy who loves you, will take care of you, support and protect you.  I am ready for every adventure life has to offer us. So, always know that my love is unconditional and unbreakable.  I will always be on your side and I will pray that I will be the mother that you need to become the adult you were meant to be.


Perspectives on Open Adoption

As a social worker, I know that children want to know about their birth parents and they want to understand the adoption process from the perspective of the birth parent.  So, I agree wholeheartedly that open adoptions are the best thing for children. It gives them the answers to questions they will have about their conception and birth. It also gives them an extended family and all the love they need to strive and become great human beings.


  • Favorite Movie: Sound of Music
  • Favorite Holiday/Tradition: Thanksgiving. I enjoy food, family and football! Go Giants and Go Blue!
  • Hobbies/Interests: reading, indoor and outdoor concerts, walking, yoga, visiting book stores, traveling, and watching and attending sports events (i.e. basketball and football)
  • Dream Vacation: Austria/Switzerland to do the Sound of Music tour
  • If I Could Choose a Superpower: invisibility

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