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Mark + Brant

Pharmacist / Family Physician



Catholic / Christian

All About Mark & Brant

We are both self-professed science nerds who both ended up taking professions in healthcare. We enjoy exploring the outdoors just as much as spending a quiet weekend at home. Some of our fondest memories have been spontaneous trips exploring the Pacific Northwest doing what we love -- whether that is a hike, kayaking a new river, exploring a Portland neighborhood, or spending the night at a newly discovered campground. After both of us spent a decade or more in education and residency, we try to make the most with our free time and greatly cherish the opportunities afforded to us in the Portland area. As much as we love to explore, we also treasure our quiet days and evenings at home and in the backyard. As days wind down, we often try new recipes to cook (for example, Mark has recently started making homemade sourdough pizza dough) and watch our favorite TV shows and cartoons on rerun.

Why Adoption?

One of the first things we discussed when dating was our interest in being parents. Watching each other’s interactions with nieces and nephews have only solidified our desire to raise a family together. We think the concept of openness in adoption is key to helping our child be their truest, most whole self. We look forward to embracing our child’s birth family into our lives and creating an environment where they can thrive, knowing who they are, where they came from, and that their entire family supports them.

Family & Home

We bought our century-old home when COVID started in early 2020, so thankfully we had plenty of projects to keep us busy during the shutdowns. We’ve touched nearly every part of our home and had the most fun completely gutting and renovating the kitchen and living room to create our unique sanctuary. This has led us to often dream about experiencing this special space with children of our own.

Our house sits on half an acre of land with most of the lot in our backyard. After work and on the weekends, we truly enjoy unwinding in the backyard and have done many things to make it our own. Amongst other things, we’ve built a hammock station under one of our towering cedar trees, two fishponds connected by a bubbling stream, a firepit, and multiple flower and vegetable beds. Outside our home, we live on a quiet dead-end street with multiple other families with children. We love walking our dog, Shiner, to the nearby elementary school in the evenings where children come to play on the playground, neighbors play with dogs off-leash, and local pickleball groups are often playing tournaments. Other evenings, we walk or bike to the nearby trail system that follows a scenic creek with multiple trailheads connected to our neighborhood.

(Brant) Growing up in Indiana alongside my twin brother and older sister, family has always been central to my life. Now, as an uncle to five nieces and nephews, ranging from ages 3 to 12, I cherish the moments we share during visits. But beyond those times, family remains a constant in my life. I keep in touch with my brother almost daily, valuing his support and camaraderie. Similarly, I still seek advice from my parents, knowing their insights are grounded in real-world experience. Their parenting style has influenced me profoundly, shaping my approach to raising my own children. These connections underscore the significance of family bonds in my life.

(Mark) I am from a small, tight-knit town in Texas and am the youngest of seven siblings. I have been an uncle since my early teenage years, and now have seventeen nieces and nephews on my side of the family. All of my parents and grandparents grew up in large families in my hometown as well. Looking back, it was a very unique childhood experience. Growing up, I didn't think twice about running into multiple relatives on a daily basis, whether it was at school, the local grocery store, or at a church event. It definitely had an impact on me to value the importance of finding community wherever you eventually call home.

Though neither of our families live locally, we make a concerted effort to visit multiple times a year, whether in Texas, Indiana or anywhere in between, as our family loves to travel.

How others describe me

Mark is known amongst our friends and family for his adventurous spirit, green thumb, handiness and nurturing nature. Many days when I’m working, and he’s not, Mark can be found hiking with our dog Shiner in the mountains or on the coast. He’ll eagerly plan trips for us to explore new places together, whether it's the nearby mountains or finding a new river to float. His talent for gardening and landscaping truly shines as he has transformed our yard into our own little secret garden, with carefully planned flower beds and an ever growing vegetable garden. His genuine love for spending time with our nieces and nephews is evident in the playful games he invents and the thoughtful gifts he gives. Additionally, his knack for tackling household projects, like fixing electrical issues and laying tiles, ensures that our home is not only beautiful but also safe and comfortable. 

Brant is a dreamer, always pondering our next big life goal. Sometimes, it’s the idea of a cozy, rustic cabin tucked away in the mountains. Yet, mostly, it’s centered around our shared hope of adopting a child someday. We cherish these conversations, where we delve into our dreams for our home, our adventures, and the life we envision together. It’s through these conversations, often sparked by Brant’s dreaming, that we’ve continued to navigate our adoption journey. As for Brant himself, compassion is woven into both his professional and personal life, evident in his care for his patients and support for our closest friends and family. He is endlessly curious, often found with a new book in hand or learning the ins and outs of foreign languages, whether it’s learning about the evolution of language or practicing Spanish on Duolingo.

how we met

How We Met

We met online while completing residency training at the same hospital. Before meeting, we had never seen each other at work, but soon found ourselves looking for reasons to “bump” into each other at the hospital, whether it was a morning coffee break or attending the same education sessions. We quickly found more and more things we had in common and the rest is history!

Advice to Future Child

Cherish the small joys like playing board games, exploring the outdoors, and meeting new friends. Challenge yourself with educational opportunities and life experiences. Always know your origin story, and most importantly, count on our unconditional love and guidance from us throughout your life journey.

Perspectives on Open Adoption

We truly believe an open adoption will provide the best opportunities for our child and all parents involved, both adoptive and birth. By nurturing this open adoption, our child will have access to so many vital parts of their lives that otherwise would have been hidden, including their birth relatives, traditions, and cultures amongst others. Ultimately, we see open adoption as a way to enrich our child’s life with love, understanding, and a deep sense of belonging.


  • Favorite Movie: Harry Potter Series
  • Favorite Holiday/Tradition: decorating for Christmas season
  • Hobbies/Interests: gardening, hiking, backpacking, water sports (kayaking, paddle boarding, sailing)
  • Dream Vacation: three month backpack through Central and South America
  • If I Could Choose a Superpower: ability to control plants (e.g. make them grow faster, rebuild a forest after a wildfire, quickly create shaded and forested cities, etc.)
  • Favorite Movie: Airplane!
  • Favorite Holiday/Tradition: Christmas Eve dinner, making Christmas cookies and singing Christmas carols
  • Hobbies/Interests: reading, writing, sewing, hiking
  • Dream Vacation: cruise around the world with family and friends
  • If I Could Choose a Superpower: teleportation

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