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All About Matt & KC

Hello! We’re so honored to be here with you.

Our names are Matt and KC. Thank you for taking the time to get to know a little about us. No matter if you make it past this first page or not, we want you to know that you are loved, you are valuable, and you are prayed for.

The decision you are wrestling with is beyond our understanding, but we hope you feel empowered to do whatever is right for you.

No matter what you decide, we are humbled by your strength. We want you to know that we don’t enter this space lightly. Adoption has always been something that has been in our hearts. We believe it is built through love, trust, and understanding.

In 2022, our son, Alan was born. Sadly, he passed shortly after he was born to a rare genetic condition. Though we are sad our son is not here on earth we know he is safe in heaven. We are bursting with anticipation to grow our family through adoption! Thank you again for inviting us into this vulnerable space with you. We have been and will continue to pray for protection, provision, and peace in this decision you are making.

Sending you the biggest hug,

Matt and KC

Why Adoption?

Both of us have been drawn to adoption for quite some time. We truly believe this is how we are being called to grow our family. We believe that family is not created just by biological features but by love, mutual respect, caring, and being there for one another.

We truly hope we get a chance to hear your desires for your child’s life and how we can make those a reality as they grow. We know you love them, and your child will grow up knowing that it is love that brought us together. We will never make a promise we cannot keep; we are people of our word.

Family & Home

We live in a townhouse, nestled right on the edge of town. We live in the fastest-growing county in Virginia. This gives both a small town and a big city feel to our community. We love the balance of the rural/agricultural centric side of the county and the denser tech centric side of the county. We are less than an hour from Washington, D.C. which lends itself to endless adventures too.

We love our neighborhood. It’s filled with children of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities. In our neighborhood we have a small park less than 30 seconds from our front door, along with beautiful walking paths.

Our basement is also our sports room where you will find us during football season. We love the small-town parades during the 4th of July, Halloween, and Christmas. There is always something to do in and around where we live.

How others describe me

In Matt’s words - KC is passionate, strong, and resilient. She is the most amazing woman who is not afraid to stand up for what’s right. One of my favorite things about KC is how she will unapologetically advocate for herself and others.

She loves so deeply. She brings creativity, love, and joy to our family and will do anything to make someone smile. I’m so grateful to have her as a best friend, and partner in life.

In KC’s words-  Matt is incredibly caring. It always amazes me how people gravitate toward him and his personality. Matt is very easy-going but extremely loyal and passionate about God, his job, and our family. He is always willing to lend a hand to anyone who needs it.

My favorite quality of Matt's is he always brings the best out of people. I love being married to my best friend.

how we met

How We Met

We met in 2017 on a dating app. We both swiped right! KC knew Matt was the one after their first date, where they spent three hours falling in love. Even though we met through a dating app, we still think it’s amazing that we “matched” as we may have never crossed paths. Over the next year, we found ourselves inseparable.

In 2018, Matt proposed on Easter Sunday. Little did KC know that Matt had planned a secret special Easter egg hunt. When KC found the egg, she brought it to Matt where he opened it and got down on one knee. Inside was a beautiful engagement ring! The best part was both of our families were there to witness the whole proposal.

In 2019, we were married in Gettysburg, PA, where all of our close family and friends gathered to celebrate us. We were married at the train station where Abraham Lincoln arrived to deliver the Gettysburg Address.

In 2020, after the pandemic hit and we found ourselves stuck at home, like everyone else, we worked tirelessly to make our house a home. We spent many hours in our overgrown yard fixing it up and planting all different types of flowers. We also added to our seasonal decor; our blow up Christmas decorations are the envy of all the kids in the neighborhood!

In 2022, a week before we were supposed to leave for our honeymoon, which had been delayed two years due to COVID, we found out we were pregnant. We were so thrilled as we had always wanted to be parents. We found out during our 20-week anatomy scan that Alan was developing differently. We spent weeks advocating and doing every test, scan, and doctor's appointment asked of us. Sadly, during a doctor's appointment at 31 weeks, doctors revealed that they did not think Alan would survive because his disabilities were so extreme. Alan was born alive and full of life. We only got to spend a short time with him before he passed. This is the most devastating and unexpected thing that has happened to us. We are thankful for all the gifts God has blessed us with Alan and his story. When parents lose a child the statistics for divorce rate skyrocket. We are grateful that not only did our marriage grow but so did our faith in God.

Our relationship has endured many difficult seasons, yet we have built our marriage on strength, love, and the firm foundation of Christ. We hold fast to our commitment of “I do” and find joy in navigating our life together.

Advice to Future Child

Through this process, we promise to:

1.) Lean In. We are a strong family unit that doesn't shy away from the hard things and loves without borders.

2.) Be Open. If you choose adoption, we will honor whatever type of relationship you desire.

3.) Honor. We promise to honor you and your child’s story. We will also honor their culture, race, and history.

Perspectives on Open Adoption

We do not enter this space of adoption lightly. Research has shown that open adoption can have positive benefits for all parties involved, including increased emotional well-being, better understanding of identity, and improved relationships. We would like the birth mother to lead the conversation when it comes to the type of adoption she is most comfortable with. We are very open to any type of adoption - open, semi-open, or closed.


  • Favorite Movie: Star Wars
  • Favorite Holiday/Tradition: making homemade pizzas every Sunday night during football season
  • Hobbies/Interests: home improvement projects, singing, spending time with friends, being near the water
  • Dream Vacation: Greece
  • If I Could Choose a Superpower: to run fast
  • Favorite Movie: The Town
  • Favorite Holiday/Tradition: Christmas
  • Hobbies/Interests: volunteering, Bible study, working out, concerts, crafting
  • Dream Vacation: Italy
  • If I Could Choose a Superpower: to be able to speak and understand any language

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