Welcome! Meet:

Matthew + Gabriella

VP of Finance

London, England

Caucasian / Hispanic


All About Matthew & Gabriella

We know that taking the time to consider options for your baby speaks volumes about how much you already love your child and we are so grateful that you would consider us as a forever home and family for your little one on the way. Matthew and I met in college over a decade ago and even before getting married in 2013, we knew that adoption would be part of our family story. We love to travel all around the world, experiencing new cultures and cuisines. When we are not overseas, we enjoy adventuring outdoors with our 4-year-old English Springer Spaniel named Paxton.

We are passionate about healthy development and identity formation, education, an attitude of life-long learning, and contributing to our community. We are passionate about physical and emotional health - achieved through active lifestyles, healthy cooking, and self-care. Most importantly we are passionate about becoming parents and the incredible call on the Christian parent to raise up the next generation of God-fearing men and women who love and serve others. This is our greatest call and we welcome the challenge of being faithful stewards of the children God entrusts to our care.

Why Adoption?

We have always talked about growing our family through adoption.  While we hope to have biological children as well, we know that we are ready to be parents and want to pursue adoption now as we know it can take time for the right connection to take place.  We are excited to share the love of our family and our community with our future children.

Family & Home

Matthew works as Vice President of Finance for an investment management firm. His work is very fast-paced and definitely keeps him on his toes! In his free time, Matthew loves to be outdoors;  some of his favorite activities are surfing, hiking, and road cycling.

Gabriella spent the past eight years as a financial planner, teaching people how to manage their money and plan for their futures. She recently stepped back from work to focus on a different kind of planning - family planning! In her free time, Gabriella enjoys yoga and paddleboarding.

Our absolute favorite thing is to travel. We have been to 20 countries so far! We can't wait to add a little adventurer to our pack and look forward to experiencing the cultural heritage of our future children through world travel.

We spent the past decade living in Southern California and recently fulfilled our dream to live abroad by moving to London, England, where we plan to live for the next few years. We can't wait to share that international experience with our children. Our church communities have been the foundation of our support systems and the source of many wonderful and abiding friendships. We love that we now have two church families - one in California and one in the UK!  Our neighborhood is peaceful and kid-friendly, with lots of parks, a private garden, gorgeous tree-lined streets, and amazing schools. 

How others describe me

Matthew is hard-working, dedicated, and adventurous. He is committed to providing for his family and achieving excellence in everything he puts his efforts toward.  

Gabriella is thoughtful and caring. She is organized, detail-oriented, and does an amazing job of making our home a peaceful place and keeping our life humming along!