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All About Michael & Tony

We are Michael, Tony and Zanna Lu. In 2016, we became the proudest Dads ever when we adopted her and our dreams of having a family came true. We pride ourselves on our openness, our love, and our ability to LAUGH. In our home, tu-tu dance parties and building forts in the living room is almost a weekly activity.  Epic fun happens when we all cook together. We LOVE food. Now we are looking for a brother or sister to add to our bunch and to complete our family unit. 

We also have a dog named Annie who is our fierce protector and lovable playmate. Our neighborhood thrives with families with children of all ages. We are a tight-knit, diverse community responsible to each other. Both from big families, we believe in family first. Adoption is on both sides of our families; with adopted nieces and adopted parents. Love is love! 

Thank you for your courageousness and for considering us to be potential parents, again.

Why Adoption?

For us, adoption is a family thing. It’s generational and on both sides. Michael’s mother was adopted and Tony’s nieces were adopted from Guatemala. Adoption was the only choice when we began talking about starting and having our family. Family is everything to us, and adoption is the most cherished component in the journey. The road may be long but we are dedicated to this course.

Family & Home

In our families are sisters and brothers who have raised their families and love to babysit. There is an abundance of help from Michael’s parents who are retired. They love to come stay and share time with Zanna Lu. Michael’s dad is incredibly handy in building things with Papa. We are so wonderfully blessed with a strong group of friends close by that are almost family at this point. Their encouragement and support bring huge love to our hearts. These people always have our backs. The neighborhood we live in is filled with kids to play with and great families. An amazing elementary school is within walking distance. The school system regards it as one its best. The whole area comes to light during the holidays with great decorations and family sharing time. Our home has a green front lawn with flowering bushes. The backyard is fenced in and has flowers and vegetables growing. We have a long picnic table so we can eat outside and get right back to playing. Our house is very safe, clean with all kinds of music playing throughout it.

How others describe me

About Tony by Michael:

Tony is a great Dad! Growing up in a big Italian family, I knew he would be a great family man. His five brothers and sisters help to mold him into a strong, loyal, loving, and protective person. Tony’s strengths are his ability to teach, with a loving attitude and his love of food. If Tony is not in the kitchen, then something is wrong. His happy place is making everyone else feel happy, loved, and full. A full tummy makes Tony (aka Papa) proud. One thing I know for certain, like his own father, Tony was born to be a parent. Family is always first, food is second and laughter is third. He does boost a big personality so get ready for a big heart, a big imagination, and an even bigger hug. With him, you’re always the most important person in the room. A true girl Dad, Tony enjoys dressing up “Z,” painting her nails and fixing her boo-boos. He is also great with cartwheels and soccer. Watching him be a dad is the greatest gift.

About Michael by Tony:

Michael is my perfect half. Where I am spontaneous, Michael is well-planned. Where I am raucous, he is calming. If I am cooking, he is always hungry. Michael has a talent for seeking out family adventures. He loves the beach, the park and traveling. Dad (Michael) glows when he is enjoying life’s offerings with his family around him. Dad is musical and very funny. There is always singing in the house and Dad creates big characters to embellish it with. Dad can balance an epic love of play with the passion for organization. He loves a good laugh almost as much as a good surprise. He has been known to shriek/scream when being surprised, then cry in laughter. Michael has the largest heart in creation for love. He shares it with all he encounters and makes his family feel like the luckiest pack of people. Michael showers his loved ones in joy and fun unreservedly. As Dads we bring nature and nurture to the next level. We celebrate each father’s skills, encourage our misses and dream for our family’s days together.

how we met

How We Met

We have been married now for 9 years after a beautiful wedding ceremony in Connecticut where the rain was plentiful on our special day. With soggy shoes and damp hair, we made our promises to each other while family stood by…without umbrellas. Oops! Our story began on Christmas Eve in 2008 when we met for a coffee date. We spoke about our families, how we were raised and our dreams of one day wanting a family of our own. And of course, there was much laughter on our date. Michael, a bit gassy, kept burping over his shoulder! It might have been the nerves. After 2012 when we were married, we moved into our cozy house that is within walking distance of the local elementary school. Having a family was definitely on our minds. Our dream is to fill the house with children and to sit on the back porch and say, “no and stop that!” – a Steel Magnolias reference.

Advice to Future Child

Be ready to love, laugh, learn and dance. On the days you may not be ready, we got you. We will keep you safe, always. Come hungry as we learn so much around a dinner table together. We value the truth and are open to hearing all you have to say.

Perspectives on Open Adoption

We hold adoption in the highest regard. It is truly the summit of generosity. It creates new worlds and possibilities for people. Families will come in all different shapes, sizes and origins - is what we tell our daughter. We believe if she would like to know more about her birth parents, and we are permitted to, then she may learn more. We share her birth story with her regularly, she loves to hear it again and again. We have mentioned our openness in life and are amenable to more.



  • Favorite Movie: Titanic
  • Favorite Holiday/Tradition: Christmas is my favorite time of year. It’s a time to be with friends and family, but also to reflect on the year. The songs bring me such joy and giving back to the community at this time also warms my heart. Everyone deserves Christmas.
  • Hobbies/Interests: hiking, theater, music, food, community support and the Golden Girls
  • Dream Vacation: laying in a hammock next to the beach with the kids
  • If I Could Choose a Superpower: flying!!!!!!!! and also seeing the future


  • Favorite Movie: Clue!
  • Favorite Holiday/Tradition: I grew up with Christmas Eve as an open house to family and friends. The menu could be Sicilian “Seven Fish” or tamales or something completely different. I love the holiday and getting together with loved ones.
  • Hobbies/Interests: cooking, eating, reading, art, travel
  • Dream Vacation: eating thru Italy, again, or France or Greece and sharing it with my family
  • If I Could Choose a Superpower: Aquaman, for sure: super strong, talks to fish and lives near the beach

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