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Jewish / Christian

All About Nathan & Darcy

Hi, we are Nate and Darcy and we live in Ohio with our daughter, McKenzie, our two cats, Buster and Lexi, and our dog, Maci. We want to start by saying thank you for reading through our profile. We can’t imagine how overwhelming this process might be for you, but we know that you will make the best decision for you and your child. 
A few fun facts about us:
- Darcy is the youngest in her family and has 6 older siblings. Nate has two brothers and is the middle child.

- Darcy is an introvert and Nate is an extrovert, we balance each other out really well.

- We don’t like pie 

- We both work from home

A huge part of our lives is our first daughter, Kara. She was born when Darcy was just 24-weeks pregnant in 2017. She was 1 lb 6 oz and we loved her more than words could describe. She spent 30 days in the NICU before passing away right before our eyes. Our lives completely shattered that day, but we had another unexpected surprise a few months later when we found out we were pregnant with our second daughter, McKenzie. She was born in 2018 and she has truly been the biggest blessing of our lives. She came to us when we needed her the most. She is a kind, hilarious and incredible person and she is very excited to be a big sister one day. In December of 2021 we suffered another loss in the form of a miscarriage when Darcy was 11 weeks pregnant. This second loss was what ultimately led to our decision to grow our family through adoption. Nate and Darcy both have loving families that live nearby and we get together with them often. We have an incredible support system and we are so lucky to live close to most of them!
The decision for us to adopt was not made lightly. We have so much love to give to another child and we also want that child to know where they came from.We understand this child is a major part of your life as much as they will be ours and we are willing to be as open as you are comfortable with.

Why Adoption?

Our lives did not go on the path we expected, but through our grief, we had so many wonderful things happen. Losing babies was never part of our plan, but we know that Kara led us to McKenzie, and our miscarriage is leading us on our next adventure. We have so much more love to give and we are truly waiting with open arms to love on your baby if you think we are his/her future family.

Family & Home

We moved to our current home in the Spring of 2020. It was a crazy time to move but we were so lucky to have found this house. We live on a cul-de-sac and the house has 3 bedrooms, a playroom, a cozy living room and a finished basement. We love everything about our house and the neighborhood we live in. There are so many kids for Mckenzie to play with and we have such friendly neighbors. We love getting together at one of our neighbors houses so all of the kids can play and the adults can hang out too. We have bonfires, make s’mores and have a blast together.It’s such a great neighborhood to be a part of and we are excited to continue growing our family here. We live in a great community with a lot of fun things to do for families. We have fairs, great parks and farms we can visit. It is truly a wonderful place to live!
Nate and Darcy both have supportive families. McKenzie loves being with her grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins on both sides of her family. We are very lucky to live close to most of them and are also thankful for modern technology so we can quickly facetime with those that we don’t get to see as often. Family is extremely important to us!

How others describe me

About Nate (in Darcy’s words): Nate has a special way of making people smile. He knows how to bring laughter to any situation and make people happy even during tough times. He is an incredible husband and father and will do anything for his family. Nate started running after Kara passed away and I have always greatly admired his determination and commitment towards his new hobby. He ran his first marathon in September of 2022 and he is running his second one in Chicago in October of 2023. He went from not running at all to running marathons in such a short time, it truly amazes me!! Nate has such an outgoing personality that everyone is drawn to and he loves being spontaneous. He knows how to have fun, he is incredibly smart, and is very patient. He loves to cook and is the one that does most of the cooking in our house!! One of my favorite things about him is his willingness to go with the flow and try new things whenever he can. 

About Darcy (in Nate’s words): Darcy is the most caring and compassionate person I have ever met. She has a way to break down walls and make you feel at ease when tensions are high. Since the passing of our first daughter, Kara, she has used her pain and growth to help send children's books to the NICU where Kara lived her life. Darcy has been the best mother to Mckenzie. She works from home, which gives her the ability to spend time with our daughter and help her grow into a young girl. Literacy is a big deal to Darcy, and her passion for it has rubbed off on Mckenzie. They love reading books with each other, as well as doing arts and crafts. Darcy ultimately is the one person you want on your side. She will fight for you, be your biggest cheerleader, and live out amazing experiences with you. She will do everything in her power to ensure Mckenzie and I are happy, healthy, and ready to welcome a new baby into our family!

About McKenzie: McKenzie is our 5-year-old and she is absolutely amazing. She was named after her big sister, Kara, whose middle name was McKenzie. She loves to sing, dance, cook, read books and play. She is a social butterfly, like Nate, and has a very loving personality. She really enjoys school and she is extremely smart for her age. McKenzie loves family time too and some of her favorite things to do are playing games, having dance parties in the kitchen, playing with her cousins and friends, going on walks in the neighborhood and playing outside. McKenzie says she is really excited to teach her younger sibling everything she knows, to sing and dance with him/her and to help him/her put ornaments on the Christmas tree. She is going to be the best big sister.

how we met

How We Met

We met in 2008 at Bowling Green State University. The day after we met, we went on a walk and talked for hours, getting to know each other. That day started a lifelong journey for us and we haven’t stopped talking since. We were married in 2014 and it was a beautiful day that we will never forget.

Advice to Future Child

We want you to be YOU and we will help you figure out who that is. Your story may be different than most, but so is ours, and we will always be there to help you put all of the pieces together. Don’t be afraid to fall because we will be there to pick you up. Remember to be kind and respectful to others. Take care of yourself, both physically and mentally. Always learn from your mistakes and grow from them. Be open-minded and embrace diversity. Stay curious and continue learning throughout your entire life. You are strong, brave, loved and supported by so many. We know you will go so far in life and can’t wait to support you every step of the way.

Perspectives on Open Adoption

We are fully committed to loving, supporting and nurturing the growth and development of our future son or daughter. We will be as open as you’d like to be and tell the child everything you want them to know. Family is very important to us and we know what it’s like to lose someone you just started to get to know. We don’t know your story, but what we do know is you may be grieving your child as you navigate this adoption path. Grief is something we can relate to and we are willing to embrace an open adoption to make this process as easy as possible for you.


  • Favorite Movie: Breakfast Club
  • Favorite Holiday/Tradition: Celebrating Christmas and lighting the Menorah with McKenzie
  • Hobbies/Interests: running, doing puzzles, traveling, being outdoors
  • Dream Vacation: a beach or a rainforest
  • If I Could Choose a Superpower: flying
  • Favorite Movie: Some Kind of Wonderful
  • Favorite Holiday/Tradition: I love getting together on holidays and playing games and eating ALL of the homemade food!!
  • Hobbies/Interests: photography, crafting, reading, playing board games, going to zoos and farms
  • Dream Vacation: Italy
  • If I Could Choose a Superpower: teleportation

We’re here to help.