Welcome! Meet:

Nathan + Katie

Graduate Degree



All About Nathan & Katie

Nathan is an engineer for the federal government, and Katie also works for the federal government, as an analyst. During the week, we unwind after work together by cooking,  walking our rescue dog Jimmy, snuggling with our two kitties Bunny and Fitzgerald, and reading. Katie is an avid yogi while Nathan enjoys woodworking. We also love to hike and run, and are training for an upcoming half-marathon. On weekends, we love spending time with our friends and family, or taking short trips.

Why Adoption?

After seeing many doctors and undergoing fertility treatment, we decided to pursue adoption. We feel called to adopt and have no reservations about our ability to love a child who is not biologically ours. Many of the relationships in our extended family were built through adoption, all of which are loving and strong.

Family & Home

We live in a ranch house just outside of Baltimore. Our home is just a short walk from a historic main street with lots of great restaurants, shops, and fun events and within walking distance of many highly-rated schools and hiking trails.

We are close with our neighbors and enjoy spending time with them. Our community is close-knit; many of the residents grew up here and decided to stay to raise their own families. We are involved with the young adult group in our church and we have also connected with other adoptive families in the area. Our friends and family have been a tremendous source of support to us and are eagerly anticipating meeting our future child. Katie's parents live within half an hour and Nathan's parents and brother are just a few hours' drive away. 

We are big believers in the value of service and community. We believe that everyone should find what makes them tick and use that to improve the world around them. Katie has volunteered at a women's shelter helping residents write resumes and prepare job applications. Nathan plays music with a local group focused on performing at community events with a historical bend.