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All About Nicholas & Christina

Hello! We are Nicholas and Christina. We are a happily married couple hoping to adopt a baby into our loving family. We thank you for considering our family as you plan for the future. Just thinking about adoption is a huge decision for you, and we want you to know that you are precious and loved by God! We hope to share a glimpse into our family life with you to help you start to get to know us. Let us introduce ourselves and our sweet family to you!

Happily Married: We have happily celebrated many wonderful years of marriage together! We married young and it truly keeps getting better each year. We believe marriage is for a lifetime. We are absolutely committed to staying married to one another our entire lives! We desire to keep God at the center of our marriage, and even when we fail, He gives us the power to forgive and love each other more. We also communicate to our kids that we are together for a lifetime, since that is so important to children in a family to know their parents are totally committed to each other & to them! Being raised as a child in a loving, life-long marriage is such a great blessing to a child!

We are experienced parents: We have been blessed to have five fantastic children! Each one of them is such a joy and each has their own unique personalities & gifts. Our daughter is the oldest, and next we have four wonderful boys! The kids enjoy spending time doing things together and having life's adventures with each other. We love being parents and really love each of our kids so much! There are so many special joys in being part of a large, fun-filled family!

Loving siblings are truly such a gift & a blessing to a baby! Our children have their siblings as life-long companions & friends. They enjoy life's adventures together & they always have each other around to go outside with, play, or just spend time with. We want our children to be each other's best friends. One of the best gifts a baby could have is siblings that love and adore them! Our children are also kind & caring to younger children, and have little cousins they spend time with and care for.

We have always wanted a large family, and we love that our children are close with one another. Each of our children brings joy to us and each other and others. Each of our children are so precious to us! We believe there is beauty and preciousness in every child God creates! We look forward to adding a precious child into our family.

Why Adoption?

Adoption has always been something we both felt God would lead us to do. We are so blessed and thankful that one of our children was able to join our family through adoption already. Our son has been, and continues to be, a delight to us & our whole family, and he is really treasured and given so much attention! His siblings also just adore him and love him so much - there is so much love to go around in a big family. Now we are hoping to add to our family through adoption again. 

We are so thankful that if we adopt again, this precious baby would be adopted just like our son was (who would be their big brother). The baby wouldn’t be the “only one” adopted but would be able to share that special thing with their brother, and we think that would really be a blessing to them both. We appreciate that the baby we adopt would have a sibling who was also adopted - and that they would know how treasured they are to us too! 

Adoption is a great blessing! We greatly respect and love our son's birthparents and we are thankful for them. We have enjoyed being in touch and sharing special moments with our son’s birthparents, and it is very important to us that they are doing well and flourishing and feel loved by us and by God. 

With our children, we talk about adoption naturally and thankfully, and will continue to let our son know what a sacrificial gift of love it was that his birthparents chose to entrust their baby into our family. We also believe God puts families together and God is the one who chooses a precious child to be adopted into our family, and we share that with all our children.

Family & Home

Area our family lives in: We love the area we live in! Our home is close to many local, metro, and state parks. which we get passes to every year. Parks are one of our family's favorite places to visit! At these parks we enjoy hiking, exploring, and seeing the wildlife. Bike riding, swimming at the beach, canoeing, sledding, going to nature centers, visiting farm animals (especially the spring baby animals), splash pads & playgrounds, to name a few! 

In addition to visiting parks, some of our other local favorite family hobbies are: reading books together, an annual summer camping trip, playing card & board games and various sports. And we really like getting outdoors! Some other local places we like to visit as a family are zoos, children's museums, orchards, and local fairs & festivals. Sometimes we have a family movie night which the kids look forward to, with popcorn and other treats! 

We want to cherish the precious time we have with our children during their childhood; so we choose not to pursue time-consuming activities or hobbies that would take us away from our children & family. Instead, we like to include our whole family in the activities we like to do. 

Life at our home: We enjoy eating dinner together as a family, and other meals when we are home together too. We enjoy these times of talking and sharing round the kitchen table. We also enjoy having friends and kids over for meals, games, and fun times. Our family likes to spend time together before bedtime, and do Bible study and pray together, and sometimes sing together with our kids playing piano. 

Work & family life: Nick has a successful career in business as an accountant and enjoys what he does for a living. He is able to provide well for our family. Nick also has a good amount of time off of work for family time and vacations. He is also able to work from home a lot, and having him home with us is fantastic! Christina resigned from her professional corporate job to stay home with our first child, and has been blessed to be a full-time mom to all our children ever since then, something she had always dreamed of! She enjoys being home with them, and she pours her life into caring for them. 

Encouraging each of our kids: God gave each of our children different and unique gifts and talents, and as we see those special gifts in each of them, we desire to guide and encourage them to pursue what they enjoy and were created to do. We provide our children with many opportunities to expand their abilities and talents. The older boys have enjoyed playing on soccer teams and a basketball team. Our daughter has enjoyed taking ballet & dance classes with friends and also choir and private voice lessons. All of our children have taken private lessons with a plano teacher & fill our home with beautiful music, and some have tried other instruments like guitar & violin too. We love hearing beautiful music played in our home by our kids! 

In addition to spending time together as a whole family, we like to take just one or two of our children out to special adventures, a bit to eat, or other fun time to really connect with their hearts. These have been some precious daddy-son, daddy-daughter, mother-son & mother-daughter times and we really appreciate growing our relationships with our kids this way.

We also love serving as a family together and some ways we have done that are by helping out at church summer camps for kids, babysitting for friends in need, serving a meal at Thanksgiving, our kids playing piano for our elderly uncles when we visit at their nursing home, as well as our whole family working together to do a summer Bible study for kids.

Family trips: We all enjoy traveling, from road trips, to flying, even cruising the ocean blue! We have taken our children to many places in our state & across the country, and even other places in the world, making wonderful family memories & often meeting new friends along the way. Over the years we've taken family trips to Boston, Chicago, Nashville, Ohio, Kentucky, Iowa, North Carolina, and up north in Michigan, including Mackinac Island; as well as several fantastic trips to Florida including Cocoa Beach, Fort Lauderdale, St. Petersburg, and Cape Coral. We've also taken the family to Orlando, Florida a couple of times (Our family enjoyed a special trip to Disney with Nicholas's parents, our children's grandparents). One year we took a special cruise departing from Miami, Florida and explored Puerto Rico, Grand Turk Island, and the Bahamas (Christina's mom, our kids' Nana, - came with us too, so that made the trip extra special!) Just being together and watching the joy our kids have with us and each other is so wonderful! 

Extended family: We are close with the children’s grandparents and enjoy spending special meals, holidays, and family trips with them. The kids have little cousins and their aunt (Christina’s sister) is expecting another baby this summer, so a little baby cousin is coming soon! (Everyone around here loves babies!) Our children adore their little cousins and we just love spending time with them. 

Our sweet home: We are blessed with a large and beautiful home with lots of space for our children to enjoy. Our large backyard has a playground, a sandbox (the older kids helped Daddy put together), a patio and picnic table where we enjoy eating together outside, having friends and family over, and lots of room for our kids to play and enjoy having adventures together.

How others describe me

About Christina (from Nick) Christina is an amazing woman, wife, and mother! She is very caring, loving. and sensitive to the needs of others. She continually pours out her life for her family and is a godly person who loves the Lord. She has a deep love for children and making them feel special. Christina has a great smile and also has a wonderful sense of humor and enjoys laughing. Her love for God is where she gets her strength and passion for life. Her love for the outdoors and experiencing God's beautiful creation all around is wonderful and precious. It is a joy to spend time with her and experience life together! About Nick (from Christina) Nicholas is a wonderful man, and I am so glad and thankful that I married him and that he is the father of our children! He loves God very much and it is obvious by his loving, kind, and unselfish nature. Nicholas really takes care of me and our children and considers our best interests before his own. He is kind and patient with our kids, and truly delights in pouring into them! He treasures each one of our children, spending lots of time with them, including one-on-one time with each one of them. He thinks of ways to encourage them; he teaches them about God, is affectionate and fun-loving, and is known to plan family adventures!

how we met

How We Met

Our Love Story: We met one summer when we had both volunteered for the same week as camp counselors at a church youth camp. We had the same age group of children - Christina the little girls, Nick the little boys, so we did camp activities and games together during the day. We have both always had a love for children! A few years after we met there, we reconnected and went to a Christmas party together, attended the same college, fell in love and got married. Our wedding day was a dream come true, and God has really blessed our marriage since then too!

Advice to Future Child

Dear beloved son or daughter, we love you so much; you are a precious treasure to your mama & daddy! And, we want you to know there is someone who loves you most of all - that is God. We are so thankful that He made your precious life and put you in our family! He takes care of you and you can talk to Him at any time. And we want to tell you about the wonderful things God has done for us. God has forgiven mommy & daddy of all our sins because of His grace and kindness. And He offers that same kindness and forgiveness to you. When we sinned, we deserved to be punished, just like everyone else. But God in his loving kindness sent Jesus to pay for our sins by dying for them and raising again (to defeat death). When we trusted Him as our Savior, He forgave all our sins and gave us beautiful, new, clean hearts that love Him and will live with Him forever! So, precious, no matter what you will ever do, you can be forgiven too! Trust Him, dear little one. The Lord is kind and merciful and loves you so much! We hope you know His great love for you and grow in it. We will continue to pray for you and love you and try to always show you God’s great love for you (which is better than anyone else’s love and will never fail you). We hope and pray for you to be filled with His love, because we know that will bring you real happiness and joy in this life and forever in God’s new heaven and earth with the One who loves you most. With lots of love, your adoring Mama & Daddy

Perspectives on Open Adoption

Since we have already adopted a child, we have good experience understanding the many great joys that adoption brings, both for the baby to have a loving family, and for the family (that is us!) to receive such a treasure of a gift of his life as our beloved child. 

At the same time, we also know that adoption is a difficult decision to make. A woman (and a man who is sometimes involved in making this decision too) who considers what is best for the life growing inside her, thinking about her future and the baby’s future life, and trying to make the best decision for everyone, does a very loving and sacrificial thing. It takes so much courage and love! Whatever the decision is, she (and he) deserves to be respected for choosing life for the baby, and seeking out what is best through difficult and emotional circumstances. We have been intentional to let our son know how the decision for him to be able to be our beloved son in our family through adoption was made with love and God’s goodness to us and to him. 

Because of all this, we respect and love our son's birthmother (and birthfather) and we are thankful for them. We want them to move forward in their lives in healthy and flourishing ways and we have tried our best to help with that. They will be special to our son his whole life, and they are special to God, and they are special to us too! We have enjoyed being in touch and sharing special moments, wanting them to know and take comfort in how blessed our son is to be part of our family, and for them to be able to really know how he is doing, growing, learning, loving and being loved, and learning to know God’s great love for him too! We think that has been really helpful and precious to our son’s birthmother & birthfather. We are so thankful for these relationships and for our son to be able to know that he is loved by them too. Our desire for a future adoption would be to share this kind of loving-kindness and care for the birthmother (and birthfather) and be able to share the baby’s life as they are growing up in our family in ways that they are comfortable with.


  • Favorite Movie: Courageous
  • Favorite Holiday/Tradition: Christmas: Getting the tree, ornaments, decorations, lights, and nativity scene ready and then on Christmas Day gathering everyone around and reading from the Bible the account of Jesus’ birth!
  • Hobbies/Interests: family: nature trail hikes, bike rides, swimming in the lake, skiing, reading
  • Dream Vacation: domestically would be Hawaii to see the beautiful islands, Internationally would be Greece to see the beautiful landscape and history
  • If I Could Choose a Superpower: Flying, always loved the idea of just taking off and going wherever!
  • Favorite Movie: Lifemark
  • Favorite Holiday/Tradition: On Christmas eve, the children usually open one present - each other’s secret gift (they choose names) - they really enjoy this tradition. Then they all sleep out in the living room on sleeping bags & the couches. In the morning, Nicholas reads the Christmas story from the Bible while the kids act it out with our nativity. They open their stockings together & then we try to open presents slowly so everyone can see what everyone else got. It is exciting when they are excited for each other!
  • Hobbies/Interests: family bike rides, swimming, reading, hiking at parks, walking on the beach, taking picture of my kids & family
  • Dream Vacation: I feel like we have already been on so many dream vacations together! One dream vacation I loved is when we rented a house in Florida for about a  month & really had some great family time - walking & playing on the beach with the kids, exploring different parks & hiking, picnicking outside, swimming in the ocean. What an adventure! In the future, I would like us to take a family trip to Europe with my sister and her family to visit her husband’s large family in the Netherlands. Also, it would be great to take a mission trip as a family to serve somewhere (maybe working with kids) where our children could use some Spanish they have learned!
  • If I Could Choose a Superpower: Ability to get the chores done with lightning speed!

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