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Pat + Jordan

Higher Education Administrator / Clinical Assistant Professor (Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences)




All About Pat & Jordan

Hi there, we are Pat and Jordan! We’re thrilled to be in the adoption process and are so grateful for your taking the time to learn more about us and our excitement for fatherhood.

It doesn’t matter the time of the year, it’s likely that you’ll find us outdoors. Whether rollerblading or biking, camping or hiking, spending a day at the beach or an early morning walk with the dog, being outside and exploring new places is how we like to spend our free time as a couple and with friends. And if we can find a soft serve ice cream or doughnut spot along the way, even better! 

When we’re inside, we’re often cooking a variety of things. While Pat is usually trying an old family recipe or a new experimental dish, Jordan is typically baking up an oversized batch of goodies to share with friends and colleagues. No matter what though, homemade pizza on a Friday night serves as our respite at the end of a long week.

We also love being creative outside the kitchen by taking on home improvement projects. Learning new skills, thrifting for household goods, and enjoying the finished product has our house feeling more and more like our own. They’re traits we’ve picked up from our families and ones we look forward to cultivating with our own.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us and for considering us as prospective parents. We so deeply admire and appreciate the care, courage, and intentionality that you bring to this process in considering your child’s future. It would be a great honor and a true blessing to be a part of this journey with you!

Why Adoption?

Since the first night that we met, we both shared our interest in adoption as our path toward building a family. As a queer/gay couple, there are a number of different ways for us to have a family, though adoption has always felt like the right fit. We believe that our individual and shared life experiences of being supported and cared for by a wide and diverse community have prepared us to build our family in this special and beautiful way. We deeply value the importance of community in one’s life and we hope to continue to center that in our child’s upbringing. We see adoption as the foundation of this process as it has connected us with so many caring and compassionate people. 

It’s a great honor to be considered as prospective parents and we look forward to the day we welcome a beautiful child into our home through adoption.

Family & Home


We live in a charming, four-bedroom craftsman-style home. It was built in 1924, and we purchased it from a couple who had raised their family here for over 40 years. The moment we entered the home, we felt its warm history and could instantly envision our future taking shape. Most of our time is spent in the kitchen preparing and enjoying meals, or in the living room, relaxing with a book or a favorite tv show. When we’re not inside, we are enjoying our new large deck overlooking the big fenced-in yard. There we spend hours playing fetch with our dog, Chula, sitting around the firepit with friends, or tending to our beautiful vegetable, fruit, and flower gardens. 


Though we live in the city, our neighborhood has a suburban feel with quiet streets and well-loved sidewalks with neighbors walking dogs or taking a stroll with their kids. We chose our neighborhood because of its diverse sense of community and walkability to coffee shops and restaurants, a children’s bookstore, and a park for hiking. Our house is only a few blocks away from the elementary/middle school which also has a great playground and open field.

If you couldn’t tell already, we love our city of Baltimore. It’s a big and diverse city with a small-town feel. We are always bound to run into friends at the farmers market, theatre, or Orioles baseball game. It’s also a perfect location between our two families and they love visiting to get their fill of the city’s famous seafood - from picking crabs to enjoying some oysters or crab cakes. We look forward to raising a family in Baltimore!


One of the things we love most about our relationship is the merging together of our home cultures - the midwest and northeast - and boy are they different! From growing up by the ocean or on a farm, to family meals of homemade pizza or tater tot hotdish, we and our families get such joy from experiencing and embracing the others' home life. 

Whether we’re visiting family in Minnesota or Connecticut, our time is spent catching up with family and friends, babysitting nieces and nephews, and of course, getting our fill of our favorite family dishes. And if it’s the holidays, you can bet we are making (literally) thousands of Belgian cookies with Jordan’s side or preparing for all of the Christmas games that are long standing traditions with Pat’s family. We are excited about carrying these traditions forward within our own family as well as creating ones of our own.

For living so far apart, we’ve been blessed that our families have been able to come together throughout the years - our wedding, a vacation to Disney World, and a road trip out to Jordan’s family farm. We look forward to adding another grandchild to the mix amongst our nieces and nephews and know that this baby will serve as yet another excuse for our families to visit Baltimore!

How others describe me


Growing up as a middle child of six kids, my house was always full of activity and excitement. On summer nights, we would play wiffle ball in the yard with my dad before my mom called us in for a homemade dinner. After the meal, the whole family was back outside taking a dip in the pool before bed. With nearly all of my extended family living in my hometown, going for hikes with my cousins before a Saturday night sleepover and popping by my grandparents after church on Sunday felt like a normal weekend occurrence.

In typical middle child fashion, I’ve always seemed to move between the caring peacemaker and the one seeking unique opportunities and experiences. It’s inspired my studies in social work and spiritual care, instilled a love for catching up with friends over coffee, and sustains my work mentoring and developing emerging adults in the university setting. At the same time, it’s what pushed me to volunteer for two years in Belize after college, take on creative hobbies like garment sewing, cutting hair (including my own!) and playing the ukulele, and to seek a career that has allowed me to travel the world to learn from the lives of others.


My mother always described me as her “social butterfly.” Ever since I was a young child, my extrovertness was a quality that preceded me. I attribute this to being 5-6 years younger than my two siblings and often needing to find ways to entertain myself. I threw myself into anything and everything that I could during my elementary, middle school and high school years: sports, band, choir, musicals, plays, student government, etc. I thrived on being active, being around others, and forming new relationships. 

As I have grown older, I have been able to strike a healthy balance between my extroverted and introverted sides. Adventuring to Costa Rica as a volunteer for a year, challenging myself to compete in triathlons, or entering into the world of academia as both a Speech Pathology professor and clinical supervisor has really continued to keep me involved and active. On the opposite end, you can find me cuddled up with my dog while watching Parks and Rec and drinking my third cup of coffee. Finding this balance has led me to still being an outgoing individual who enjoys meeting others and trying new things, while also cultivating and caring for the relationships and experiences I already know.

how we met

How We Met

Our connection began in 2013 at Jordan’s housewarming party, a few days after he had moved to Baltimore and settled into a house with some of Pat's friends. An introduction made by a mutual friend turned into a night of staying up until 3am discovering common interests and shared experiences, like our love of musicals and having volunteered abroad after college, swapping family stories, and sharing hopes for our future, including marriage and families of our own. Feeling a sense of connection and comfort, we dove deep fast with one another, a trait that continues to strengthen and inform our relationship to this day.

Nearly four years later, our friends and family gathered in Baltimore for our wedding day, held at a historic city arboretum and garden. It was another joyous moment in our relationship and a step towards the start of our own family.

Advice to Future Child

More than anything else, we hope for you to feel empowered to live your life fully and authentically as you are, in whatever ways you may explore and evolve as you age. We’ll be here to support, guide, and encourage you to try new things, develop a sense of confidence in self, and cultivate meaningful relationships with friends, family, and neighbors. In remaining open to the unfolding path of life, you’re bound to have adventures and navigate challenges that will further inform who and how you are in this world! And lastly be kind, curious, and stand up for yourself and others.

Perspectives on Open Adoption

We are eager for the day that we will bring a baby into our home to begin building our family. We want to be sure that this child grows up knowing their birth parent(s) and the love and thoughtfulness that went into their adoption. We believe in the importance of a child knowing their unique history and are hopeful for an open adoption where we will be able to share regular updates and milestones throughout the child’s life through written communication and in-person visits. We look forward to discussions around what open adoption might look like based on our shared interests and desires.


  • Favorite Movie: Matilda
  • Favorite Holiday/Tradition: Christmas - Food, games, movies, and time with family
  • Hobbies/Interests: Sewing, reading, being active outdoors, and traveling
  • Dream Vacation: Thailand - delicious food and a new part of the world!
  • If I Could Choose a Superpower: Ability to fix anything in a snap
  • Favorite Movie: Forrest Gump
  • Favorite Holiday/Tradition: Baking Belgian cookies while watching Christmas movies
  • Hobbies/Interests: Wood working, gardening, reading, and baking
  • Dream Vacation: Scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef
  • If I Could Choose a Superpower: Flying

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