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Peter + Maria

Sales / Flight Attendant


Caucasian / Hispanic


All About Peter & Maria

Hi, we are Peter and Maria! Thank you for choosing to read our story and learn more about us as prospective parents. 

As the oldest of six, Maria has always looked forward to being a mom. She values family more than anything else and believes that life is all about relationships. For Maria, what makes her life special are the people in it. After college, Maria became a flight attendant on a whim! It was a surprise opportunity that turned out to be the perfect career. She loves her job because it is fast-paced and no day is the same as the last. It has afforded her and Pete many opportunities to travel together and she looks forward to providing those opportunities for the child. 

Growing up in Florida, Peter has always loved the outdoors and being able to move around and stay active. Even so much, after receiving his bachelor’s degree, Peter continued his education to learn about Turfgrass Sciences and working outdoors. After college, Peter managed a golf course making sure the aesthetics and playability of the golf course were impeccable. After a few years, Peter grew a liking for business and moved into a sales position, still within the golf course and lawn care industry. Outside of work, you will usually find Peter working in the yard, going to the gym for a workout, playing golf, fishing, or enjoying company around a campfire. Peter is an intentional man and enjoys small groups of friends for a night out.

Maria’s job has allowed us to travel and we love to plan trips throughout the year. We like a challenge, so we typically complete a race or two throughout the year. We have completed two half-marathons and Peter has completed Tough Mudders. Birthdays are special in our family and each member is always celebrated in a special way. When the weather is nice we love to go to a professional baseball game or meet up with friends at a local brewery. We are a family that loves dogs. Daisy, our chocolate lab, loves kids and playing fetch!

One of our favorite things to do together is start our day with a cup of coffee on the couch. This is when we spend time praying together or talking about our day. We love the movies too! There is a theater near our house that has lounging recliners but our date is never complete without a bucket of popcorn, a big fountain Coke, and a box of Milk Duds.

Why Adoption?

Soon after a romantic honeymoon in Paris, we were excited to try to grow our family. After about 10 months of trying, we conceived and lost our first baby, and over the next 3 years we lost 5 more through miscarriage. We have always dreamed of loving a child and raising a family and we are so excited about our adoption! We have never lost hope because we know God has a beautiful family plan for us.

Family & Home

Our home is an established 4 bedroom home in a quiet suburban neighborhood. Many of the families that live next door are young families with small children. Pete likes to work out with a few of the guys who live on our street. Nearby, we have a beautiful city park with two playgrounds, a skate park, splash pad, and running trails. When the weather is nice, we love to run the trails or set up a picnic. Within a short drive is a national park where there are many hikes and trail paths!

We enjoy local neighborhood events like the Saturday farmer’s market and seasonal art festivals. Our community has little league teams, camps, classes, and family friendly restaurants and breweries. Our church is very close to the house, so we frequently spend time with families from church at home or at local community events.

We believe home is a place where anyone can come to relax and be themselves so we are intentional about making our home a safe and comfortable place. Our kitchen and living space are open, which allows for lots of family time. What we love most about our home is our beautiful fenced backyard and big back deck. We love watching the leaves change colors in the fall and when it gets chilly in the winter, we enjoy s’mores around the outdoor fire pit with our niece and nephews. Pete does a great job keeping everything nice and green during the summer too. Our deck is great for grilling, and Pete is quite the BBQ master!

Long weekends are spent with Peter’s parents in Florida by the pool and at the beach. Peter’s parents are natural grandparents; Grandma always has treats and surprises and Grandpa loves to play and build sandcastles. Peter has one sister who lives locally with two boys and a sister in Florida with one boy.

Maria’s mom, dad, and sister live down the road and we see them at least a few times a week. All four of her brothers live in North Carolina and we talk to them weekly. We have an intimate relationship with Maria’s family; we spend dinners together on the weekend or show up at the house for an impromptu game night. We’re always greeted with smiles and hugs from her sister’s three kids. Many Saturday mornings are spent at the ballpark watching our nephews play little league and our niece in her sundress cheering on her brothers. 

Family is very important to us, and we spend a lot of our free time surrounded by them. One of our traditions is taking an annual vacation with family to our favorite beach in Mexico. Holidays are loud and lively and we look forward to the time that we spend together. Everyone is thrilled to welcome another child into our family! They ask questions, have gifts for the baby, and dream about being auntie, uncle, and grandma or grandpa to this special new addition!

How others describe me

Peter is a man of few words but has absolute love and care for the people in his life. You will rarely see him being the center of attention but he always enjoys a great laugh with great company. Peter’s loyal nature makes him a trustworthy and reliable man and will do his best to drop everything and help someone in need. As a gentle giant, Peter is always observant of his surroundings and contains great qualities of a caring, loving father. Peter is a God-fearing man that strives to lead others to Christ, especially his family.

Although her work requires some travel, Maria is a true homebody and enjoys making her home welcoming and cozy. She loves to host friends and family for dinner parties and late night talks on the back deck! Maria is caring, a loyal friend, and a great listener. She leads a fertility ministry out of her living room each month to support other women who are going through infertility. She is passionate about helping others  see the good in each day even through difficult seasons of life. When she has free time she likes to read, bake, shop, go out with friends, run, listen to podcasts, and spend time with family.

how we met

How We Met

Our story began at a young adult event with our church that was hosted at TopGolf! Peter had just moved to the area and was looking to make new friends, and Maria was happily single when we unexpectedly found each other. We took some time to get to know each other as friends, but it wasn’t long before we knew that we had found our other half.

Peter was a true gentleman and charmed Maria with his kindness and gentle spirit. Maria was outgoing and friendly, and Peter fell in love with her beautiful blue eyes. Our love was organic and easy and it brought out the best in each of us! We were engaged in late 2018 after a year and a half of dating and we married in the fall of 2019. We bought a house and were looking forward to beginning the rest of our lives together!

Perspectives on Open Adoption

Thank you for taking time to look at our family and for considering an adoption plan for your baby. We have dreamed of being parents for many years and long to hold and love a little one!

Your baby will grow up knowing the fullness of the Christian faith and the importance of family. We hope to give them a life full of unique experiences and memorable adventures! Your baby will never go without the unconditional love and care of a mother and a father, and we promise to provide a safe and nurturing home for them.

We promise to support healthy identity and self-confidence, and will always encourage them to become the person God created them to be. They will always know about you and the irreplaceable role you hold in their life. We would love to have a lasting relationship with you that grows over the years. 

Our hearts are full with emotion for you and your baby and we know how much love is going into this choice. Thank you for considering us as we would love to be a part of this child’s story!

We’re here to help.