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All About RD & Luanne

We can use four words to describe us: Disney, Motorcycles, Dogs and Home. We got married in March 2022 after a few years of dating. Our years together all we do is focus on ways we can love our dogs more, get ourselves to Disneyland more often, trying to spend as much time on motorcycles as we can and it all fits into the cracks of the love our home. When we think of home it embodies us together and the love we share; so where ever we are there home is. We are both very active in each others lives and live to support each other. We love our community and try to spend as much time as we can in it. We love spending time with family in any capacity and any small excuse to be in the mountains enjoying nature is good enough for us to do it. Our days are spent with work, going to the movies, traveling, walking our dogs and cuddling on our couch watching a movie some series we have been watching. We simply love our lives and can’t wait to add one more person to it.

Why Adoption?

In 2008 Luanne began a long journey of realizing that she is unable to have children. It has been hard to travel through as she wants to be a mother so badly. When Luanne and RD met, RD had not really thought about having kids but was excited for the idea of adding another to our tight knit family. Even though we are in a place where adoption is our only option for having a child we are both really excited for the opportunity. It seems extra special that we get to be part of an experience that is so unique and special.

Family & Home

We live in an average-sized home that was built in 2021. Our four-bedroom house is centered around shared living spaces because we love to spend as much time together as we can. Our focus is to always have a comfy spot to watch a movie and eat popcorn.

This is a new neighborhood, and it's been great to see it grow with new families moving in --- a mix of young families with children and older, retired couples. Neighbors frequently walk by with so many cute dogs, and young kids race by on their bikes.

Our small town is growing, and there is so much to offer. The Snake River runs through the town, boasting of restaurants, walking paths, and year-round events. One of the things we are most proud of is that our 4th of July fireworks show was voted in the top three in the country. Beyond this, we have a zoo, aquarium, rock climbing walls, trampoline parks, and much more. Each year more community events pop up, and we feel fortunate to be able to take part in them.

We have a very supportive group of extended family members. RD's parents are amazing and involved grandparents to their three grandchildren, consistently playing an active role in their lives. They help in any way they can to ensure those boys know they are loved. Luanne's mom can't wait to be a Nonna and is planning to live close by and be our "Nonna Nanny". She is so excited to play a very active role in the child's life. Our parents, grandparents, and RD's sister are so excited to support us through this journey and to spend time with the new addition to our family.

We have two dogs, Douglas and Roy, who we wholeheartedly treat like royalty. They are spoiled, sleep in our beds, and love to eat peanut butter! We do whatever we can to ensure they know they are an important part of our family.

Our chosen family is our group of friends who we spend time with often, do various outings and activities with, and who support us in so many ways.

How others describe me

How Luanne describes RD: RD is probably one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. He cares so much about the people around him and honestly just wants the best for everyone. His only goal in life is to make you happy - whoever you are. When talking to him you feel important and interesting. And that is if you are a stranger or friend. If you are a member of his family you are suddenly even more than that. You are at the top of his list of important people. RD is super fun to be around. He will do whatever he can to make you laugh and because he loves to learn so much he is full of random facts that you too get to learn. So if you are out in the middle of nowhere not only will it be that RD will run into someone he knows but he will also likely know some random fact about the place you are at. I am very fortunate to have RD in my life and those who know him feel the same.

How RD describes Luanne: Luanne wears her heart on her sleeve and unconditionally loves with every fiber of her being. She always puts the needs of others before herself. Acts of service and especially cooking for others, are her love languages. Her Italian heritage wont allow her to let anyone leave our home hungry. Luanne has always been there to support me on whatever hair brained adventure I want to take on. Somehow she still loves me after all of discovering all of my annoying habits. Luanne has been an amazing mom to our two dogs. They are as spoiled as month old milk and Luanne has made sure they have never been neglected of love and attention.

how we met

How We Met

We met the way any modern couple meets, through online dating. Neither of us was looking for anything serious; however, we found quickly that we are such a good match. We couldn't help but fall in love. We spent time laughing, traveling, eating at many restaurants, and enjoying what our small town has to offer while we dated. We took time to get to know each other and our families. Often, we look back and laugh that swiping right and meeting up for a Jamba Juice and a walk has led to here.

Advice to Future Child

Don't be afraid of chasing your dreams. Even if you try and fail, it will still be less haunting than always wondering what could have been. Additionally, even though it is hard, always do your best to be authentically you. Even if at times you are different, remember different is good and so are you.

Perspectives on Open Adoption

We have learned a lot about open adoption since starting this journey. We love the idea of our child having the access they need to their birth parents. We recognize the importance of keeping that connection open and encouraging our child to learn more about the DNA that runs through them. We love the idea that if they have questions about why their birth parents didn’t raise them we could potentially all sit down as parents and birth parents who can or want to be involved can talk about it as a group to help the child understand how much they are loved. There is definitely nothing wrong with just adding to the number of the amount of people who love our child.


  • Favorite Movie: It's a tie between Boondock Saints and Chips
  • Favorite Holiday/Tradition: opening presents on Christmas Eve with my parents
  • Hobbies/Interests: motorcycle adventures
  • Dream Vacation: A Motorcycle tour through the Italian Alps
  • If I Could Choose a Superpower: being able to tell what women are thinking
  • Favorite Movie: Too many to name just one! Maybe Idiocracy? Bridesmaids? Aladdin? How do people pick one?
  • Favorite Holiday/Tradition: Halloween is my favorite holiday although my favorite tradition is all of us in RD’s family waking up early to open presents together. I also love that on Christmas Eve my family gets together for food and games.
  • Hobbies/Interests: quilting, Legos, outdoor activities
  • Dream Vacation: visit every Disney park in a row staying at all Disney hotels
  • If I Could Choose a Superpower: the power to calm anxiety

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