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Roy + Denise

Pastor / Stay-at-Home-Mom




All About Roy & Denise

10 things you should know about our family:
  1. We love and serve God with all we are and all we do.
  2. We like to do most things together, as a family, and have many annual traditions.
  3. We like to have fun.
  4. We like to live a simple life and don't need or want the latest and greatest.
  5. Ministering to others plays a big part in our lives.
  6. We like to go on trips.
  7. Showing love to each other is a regular occurance.
  8. Being out in nature is enjoyable to us.
  9. Learning together through homeschooling is also a big part of our lives.
  10. We are all looking forward to including another child into all we do as a family.

Why Adoption?

 Adoption has been Denise’s desire since she was young.  She wanted to be able to help a child who might otherwise be aborted, an orphan, or live in an unhealthy environment. 

After getting married, we started our family in the traditional way, by having two biological children.  But the desire to adopt and help out a child that couldn’t help themselves never went away.  In fact, it grew stronger.  So Denise shared her desire with Roy.  Although he was apprehensive at first, through prayer, talking, and learning about adoption, he eventually got fully on board and we began our adoption process. 

We feel like God has blessed us with a healthy and Godly marriage, kids, and home and we want to share that with a child in need of a good home.  We believe everyone deserves to be loved and have a healthy chance in life. The need for forever homes for children is so great and we want to be part of the solution.  We want to do for one what we wish we could do for all of them.

Family & Home

We live in a small rural town.  We enjoy the quiet, slower pace of life, and sense of community that small towns offer.  Our two level house has lots of room and feels comfortable and homey.  It has both a front and back yard for the kids to play in, a large garden, and is on a quiet street with a park almost across the street.

We enjoy having lots of family time together by playing games, playing in the yard, watching movies, going to parks, gardening, celebrating holidays and birthdays, going on walks, swimming, picnics, fireworks, going on trips and vacations, sledding, water fights, and visiting pumpkin patches, apple orchards, county fairs, museums, and a cabin.

Our extended family doesn’t live in our state.  But we enjoy road trips to visit some of them frequently.  We usually have lots of food, watch football games, play board games and just have fun enjoying each other's company.  When not visiting, we stay in contact with phone calls, texts, e-mails, or video chats.

How others describe me

Roy According to Denise

  • is a Godly leader of our home
  • keeps a good balance between work and family
  • has a carefree, spontaneous attitude
  • is faithful
  • is an encourager
  • enjoys most sports especially Viking's football, Twins baseball, Michigan College anything, and Tampa Bay hockey
  • can fix or remodel most anything
  • enjoys fishing
  • is a people person
  • is a very hard worker
  • likes reading books
  • enjoys quality time with his kids by reading books, playing games, going on walks, playing outside (anything from basketball, baseball, hide and seek, to sledding), and looking up funny videos on-line
  • easily finds the fun and humor in everything
  • likes hanging out with his friends
  • is skilled with computers
  • works as a full-time pastor

Denise According to Roy

  • loves Jesus and has a strong faith
  • is practical and thrifty
  • loves to laugh
  • is smart
  • loves teaching her children
  • is serious but has a silly side
  • loves purple
  • is involved in her kids lives
  • is patient
  • has a beautiful smile
  • likes journaling and writing
  • enjoys taking a nap
  • likes playing games
  • likes getting together with girl friends
  • is a night owl
  • plays the piano
  • likes gardening and canning
  • enjoys walks and exercising
  • loves being outside
  • enjoys reading a good book
how we met

How We Met

We met each other while attending college.  We started dating Denise's senior year and Roy's Junior year.  We enjoyed walks, hikes, mini golf, going out to eat, and just hanging out together. 

We became best friends and grew to love each other.  After Denise graduated and moved back home, we continued to date long- distance.  This consisted of exchanging many letters, long-distance phone calls, and several visits over that year.  When Roy graduated, he moved to be close to Denise.  We continued to date and fall more in love, and after 3 total years of dating, we got married.

Our love story continues as our marriage has grown blessed, Godly, healthy, and strong. We enjoy talking late into the night, watching funny movies, going on regular dates, ministering together as a team, hanging out, making decisions together, and just living life hand in hand.  We regularly pray and read the Bible together, and work on having a marriage that lasts a lifetime.

Advice to Future Child

You were created for a purpose.  Ask the Creator what your purpose is, embrace it, and with His help, seek to fulfill that in your lifetime.

Perspectives on Open Adoption

We believe our relationship with the birth family, like any relationship, should start slowly, but gradually grow closer and deeper.  A relationship where mutual respect, commitment, and love can grow.  Eventually we would like to view each other as a part of each other's extended family.

Visits, phone calls, e-mails, pictures, and gift exchanges, are all a part of what we are open to.  We believe, for the sake of the child, that an open relationship is best, and we would do our part to be committed to that.  We would like this relationship to start before the child is born and continue throughout all of our lives.


  • Favorite Movie: Dead Poets Society
  • Favorite Holiday/Tradition: going to Arby’s on Christmas Eve
  • Hobbies/Interests: fishing, being outside, family, friends, reading
  • Dream Vacation: being in the mountains
  • If I Could Choose a Superpower: being “plastic-man”
  • Favorite Movie: The Sound of Music
  • Favorite Holiday/Tradition: birthdays
  • Hobbies/Interests: gardening, reading, writing, art, friends
  • Dream Vacation: a visit to the ocean
  • If I Could Choose a Superpower: not having to sleep

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