Welcome! Meet:

Ryan+ Samantha

Math Teacher / Professor



All About Ryan& Samantha

Ryan is a middle school math teacher who coaches boys’ and girls’ basketball teams. He likes to go to baseball games with his friends, grill delicious meals, and make homemade pizzas. He also enjoys projects around our home, like building a fire pit in the backyard. Sam was a special education teacher, and is now a professor. She loves nature, building things, and learning new languages. She does yoga and puzzles, and goes camping every year with her two best friends since kindergarten. Together, we love doing trivia and playing board games with our friends and family; playing and coaching softball; riding bikes in different countries; and hiking with our dog, Ozzie. When we’re home, we like to snuggle up on the couch with Ozzie and watch our favorite Marvel movies.

Why Adoption?

We're so honored you have chosen to learn more about us. We always knew we wanted to be parents but have struggled with that dream for a while. We tried for more than 6 years to have a baby biologically but infertility has kept us from expanding our family. We are ready and excited for the adventure of adoption! Although we cannot imagine how hard this journey is for you, we are blessed and grateful that you are considering adoption. Saying "Thank you" doesn't begin to express our gratitude. Along with our family and friends, we send you prayers and love as you continue to make brave life-changing decisions. If we are lucky enough to be chosen by you, we promise your baby would always know how much you love them. We have friends who were adopted and family members who have adopted and all of those experiences have been so positive! We can’t wait to share fun experiences with a little one, like going on family vacations, rooting for our favorite baseball team, and making big messes in the kitchen baking cookies. We adore being fun Uncle Ryan and silly Aunt Sam to our nieces and nephew, but they are eager to have a new cousin.

Family & Home

We absolutely love our home! Our neighborhood is quiet, filled with trees and birds, and has lots of kids, pets, and parks. Our house has a big bay window where all we can see are big, beautiful trees. We have a large backyard with a swing, hammock, and fire pit where we spend summer nights with our loved ones. But there is so much more room that is just begging for a swing set and a treehouse, and Ozzie would really love a little playmate. When our 2- and 4-year-old nieces come to visit, we have water balloon fights, hola hoop contests, and play store and dress-up. We also love to spend time in our sunroom playing Ping-Pong and entertaining friends and family. We can’t wait to fill our home with toys, books, and games! In fact, our wonderful family and friends already threw us baby showers because they are so excited for us to adopt. We both have big, fun families who love to get together for holidays, birthdays, and barbecues. Our friends and family love spending time in our basement, where we create movie theater-like experiences with popcorn and candy. A short drive from our cozy neighborhood is a big, kid-friendly city with a zoo, children's museum, parks and splash pads, themed restaurants, and family-friendly events and festivals throughout the year. We can't wait to share all of that with a child!

We are both passionate about education and are excited to make learning fun for our future child. We have shelves full of books we are eager to read with them every day. We have a zoo membership and can't wait for our baby to know all the animals, what sounds they make, and where they live. When Sam taught preschoolers, she created a Science Day, full of kid-friendly experiments and wants to use that knowledge to make every moment fun and engaging for her child. Ryan knows every state capital and most countries' flags, and wants to share that love for geography with a kid. He also wants to make sure they know who plays each position on his favorite baseball team and the name of every Avenger. Our friends and family are also a big priority for us, and we always want to make sure they are happy and healthy. We both drop everything when our families need us, and we want to pass that value on to our child. When Ryan's Gramps recently needed to move to an assisted living facility closer to the rest of his family, Ryan flew to him and drove him across the country. Sam's brother, who is an adult with a disability, has made both of us passionate about equal rights and independence. It will be important to us to raise a child who treats all others with respect and love, and seeks relationships with people who are like and unlike themselves. Although this journey has been difficult for you and us so far, we believe God has directed us all here for a reason. We wish you the best as you decide what is right for you and your little one, whether it is with us or another great family.