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Sabrina + Rebecca

Retired Tech Startup Founder / Interior Designer



Christian / Jewish

All About Sabrina & Rebecca

Hi! We are Rebecca and Sabrina from Northern California! We would like to start by saying thank you for taking the time to learn about us. We are so grateful that you are taking a moment to consider us to adopt your child. We appreciate you taking the time to learn more about us and what your child’s life would be like as part of our family. This is just a glimpse of our lives together and we hope to share more with you in the near future.

Having a family is the most important thing to us, and we are so hopeful and excited at the prospect of welcoming a child into our lives. We’ve built a warm, loving home in Northern California, and enjoy spending time with family and friends in the neighborhood. We live on a beautiful, wooded nature preserve in Marin County, which is in Northern California. There are amazing schools where we live, that Sabrina actually attended when she was growing up here in Marin. In our neighborhood there are lots of kids who play outside together, riding bikes, playing hopscotch in the street, making chalk art on the pavement, playing ball, and swimming in the pool. We love the fact that we live so close to the ocean, and we can easily go to the beach on a hot day or hike the rolling hills up to the summit to see the Pacific Ocean right from our backyard.

Hi! I’m Sabrina. I am a very kind person with an open mind and heart. I am responsible and rational and the most important things to me in life are knowledge, love, and creating a family. I love to embrace and explore my curiosity, I often played games and did creative projects with my dad when I was a child, and I look forward to doing the same for a child one day.

Hi. I’m Rebecca. The most important thing in my life is family and love. I am a very compassionate human being, and I value honesty and kindness. Equally important to me is being dependable and reliable, someone that you can count on to be there for you. I believe my parents have taught me the value of making a child feel the warmth of safety, security, and love; and how to nurture them into confident compassionate human beings with strong morals, boundaries, self-love and love for others, and I know I will be able to provide the same love and nurturing for a child one day.

Why Adoption?

We’ve always wanted a family, but neither of us is able to give birth. We’d love the opportunity to adopt a child into our family, love them, nurture them, and provide them with a wonderful life.

Family & Home

Our Home

We have a light bright open and sunny house with two loving dogs. Our community has a pool, tennis courts, hiking trails, parks, and a cute little town with a farmers market.

We Love the Holidays

We just love how magical Christmastime is and we love to create a very special family Christmas every year. Neither of us are very religious, but instead we are more spiritual and although we love to keep celebrating these traditions, we would never push any religion on your child if they didn’t feel connected to it. Furthermore, we will make sure your child feels a deep sense of connection to their own heritage, with books, the arts and culture, and we will make sure to connect them to other children who have the same racial and cultural heritage, so they feel a deep sense of belonging to the strong history of the people they are part of.

The People We Love

We’re surrounded by family and friends who are supportive and excited about our decision to adopt! Rebecca has a big warm loving family and we just love getting together with them because it’s always a ton of fun with lots of laughs. We are very close with Rebecca’s nieces Juliette and Madeline, and love doing activities together.

How others describe me

Sabrina by Rebecca 

Sabrina is very warm, kind, and loving. She is quiet and shy in big groups but when talking to her one on one, you know she is 100% listening and connected to every word you are saying. She is the smartest and most resourceful person I know, and willing to help in any situation. She is genuine and has a heart of gold. Sabrina has this gentleness about her in everything she says and does. I can tell she will be an amazing parent to a child one day, just so gentle and nurturing.

Rebecca by Sabrina

Rebecca is loving, kind, nurturing, warm, affectionate, smart, thoughtful, and very playful, especially with our two little dogs. She is young at heart, energetic, and very funny – always making people laugh, and leaves them smiling in a happier mood than they were before. I love her optimistic nature and how she wakes up every morning, opens the window shades and exclaims ‘Good Morning World!’ as if each day holds a wealth of exciting possibilities. I can see her creating a warm safe space for a child to let them be playful, sing, dance and express whatever is in their heart to become their true self.

how we met

How We Met

We met initially at a fitness club in San Francisco and reconnected when Sabrina came to New York for a business trip. We met for lunch before Sabrina’s flight home and the rest is history!


Advice to Future Child

You are so loved by so many. We are so grateful to be your parents. We will do all that we can to love you unconditionally and help you become your best self and live your best life.

Perspectives on Open Adoption

We love open adoption and look forward to building a family that embraces everyone. We look forward to building whatever relationship our birth mother is open to.


  • Favorite Movie: Love Actually
  • Favorite Holiday/Tradition: putting up Christmas decorations and listening to holiday music
  • Hobbies/Interests: the outdoors, the snow, the beach, swimming, hiking, walking with Rebecca and our dogs
  • Dream Vacation: beach and warm water anywhere
  • If I Could Choose a Superpower: to help people heal
  • Favorite Movie: Moulin Rouge and You’ve Got Mail
  • Favorite Holiday/Tradition: cooking and baking with family
  • Hobbies/Interests: doing arts and crafts, reading and writing poetry, baking, gardening, swimming, being outdoors, walking the nature paths in our neighborhood with Sabrina and our dogs
  • Dream Vacation: Bali or Bora Bora
  • If I Could Choose a Superpower: time travel

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