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All About Sarah

Hi, my name is Sarah and I live in New York. I grew up in Germany but moved to New York 16 years ago to attend a university. I fell in love with the diversity in the city that never sleeps.  I appreciate that you are taking the time to read my profile and that you are considering adoption for your child. I understand that this must be an incredibly difficult situation for you and no matter what decision you make, I hope you will find all the support you need.

I am passionate about social causes and enjoy my work, making a difference for children.  Promoting girls' empowerment, gender equality, justice, diversity, and inclusion is important to me.  I absolutely love the diversity of my home, New York City.  As they say, "Some New Yorkers are born, some are made, all are welcome."  I strive to welcome all as well and am most excited to welcome a child into my life!

Why Adoption?

Adoption has been on my mind for about 10 years and I am excited to finally start this journey. It is the right choice for me.

Family & Home

I live in New York. Having grown up in Germany, I moved to New York 16 years ago to attend a university. I enjoy traveling and have been to 6 different continents and 28 countries. I have a good relationship with my family and have a good network of friends, who are very supportive of my adoption plans. I live in a neighborhood that is very safe and family-friendly, with good schools and childcare centers within walking distance. It is also diverse and liberal, LGBTQ+ and Black Lives Matter friendly. My apartment is close to Central Park, which has several playgrounds and the Zoo. There are also several cultural institutions in the neighborhood.

How others describe me

My friends describe me as warm and caring and having a loving attitude towards children.