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Scott + Brittany

VP at Sales Company / Stay-at-Home Mom




All About Scott & Brittany

We are wilderness wandering, world traveling, diversity celebrating, The Office binging, Disney loving, game playing, happy family who’s doing their best to enjoy each moment of life. We are hoping to adopt again! We have two amazing little boys. We are so lucky to be these cute boys’ parents. Simon was adopted and we share a loving open adoption with his birth mother and her family.

We do our best to raise our children with peaceful parenting methods. We always want them to feel safe and secure and to know we love them unconditionally. We are Christians. We go to church and teach our children about Christ’s love and how we can share that love with others.

We love game nights with our friends and family, exploring the mountains, enjoying a high-quality movie (epic dramas or suspense are Scott's favorite, cute coming-of-age are Britt's), playing on the floor with our kiddos, and traveling to places as far as Ecuador and Italia and as close as Bear Lake and Goblin Valley.

Why Adoption?

Adoption was something that has always been on our hearts. We talked about it from the beginning of our marriage. After a traumatic pregnancy, adoption came full circle as the next path for our family. We were so blessed to be chosen by Simon’s wonderful birth mom, with whom we share a truly special open adoption.

An open relationship with her is important to us. We send pictures, text, and FaceTime regularly. She lives out of state so we don’t get to see her as much as we’d like, but we feel oh so blessed when we do. We have a picture of her in Simon’s room and show it to him all the time. We love her with every ounce of our hearts.

Simon’s birth mother is Hispanic. Celebrating Simon’s Mexican and Tejano heritage is very important to our family. We have an annual Dia de Los Muertos party. We love supporting Mexican-owned businesses for Cinco de Mayo or Mexican Independence Day-- or any day really, because tacos. :)

Family & Home

We live in a new neighborhood in Northern Utah. It's an agricultural area where you can frequently find us on long walks where we feed goats or look at baby cows. We are close to the mountains where we hike and play in icy streams all the time. We are involved in the community, within our church, and neighborhood playgroups. We have loving relationships with all our extended families. Our kids have the best grandparents and cousins ever.

How others describe me

Scott has the best heart of anyone I know. Every day he asks me how he can make my day better, and he does. He frequently surprises me with thoughtful notes, fresh-cut flowers, jewelry, and spontaneous dates. He is such a tender dad. Every evening, you can find him sitting on the carpet playing with the boys typically “playing wrestle house” as Oli calls it. He is the best bedtime storyteller and he reads all the characters in different voices. His stellar storytelling abilities lead Oli to beg for more and more books each night, After bedtime stories, he sings the boys the River Lullaby from “The Prince of Egypt.” We adore him!

I'd say the most defining characteristic of Brittany is her incredibly soft and passionate heart, both for people and nature. As a mother, Brittany is nothing short of phenomenal. I am blown away by what a killer job she does at being an all-star mom. I’ve run into few people who dedicate the kind of time and effort she does into being a top-notch parent. As a stay-at-home mom, Brittany is 100% present with Oli and Simon. She studied early childhood and elementary education and thoroughly applies what she learned about the impact of deliberate and peaceful parenting. Brittany strives to ensure that our children’s world is designed to facilitate not only a happy childhood but one that fosters the healthy development of their minds and self-confidence. More than anything, I admire the relentless persistence of her best self. Whether that’s spiritually, intellectually, physically, or in her mental health, she is always pursuing growth. She will never settle for anything less than becoming an excellent person.

how we met

How We Met

We met at a Halloween party (which is fitting-we are a Halloween family!) We were students at the time, we hit it off, became friends, and eventually fell in love and were married.

Advice to Future Child

Never forget how much you are loved. And that love is your safety net as you go out and learn, grow, and explore the world. We always have your back. We believe in you more than you can imagine. You are capable. Your greatness is your goodness. Keep seeing and being the good in the world.

Perspectives on Open Adoption

With this adoption, we would love to have another open adoption. We would love to share visits, calls, pictures, and texts. Whatever you are comfortable with. We also share a relationship with his birth mom’s family. If there are other family members who are hoping to know your child as well, we love that. The more people that love and support your child, the better!



  • Favorite Movie(s): The Lion King
  • Favorite Holiday: Christmas, but that's everyone's, so Halloween. I love the spooks and Halloween games (like werewolf or mafia).
  • Hobbies/Interests: travel, scuba diving, games, Italian/Spanish, and hiking
  • Dream Vacation: Australia- to snorkel the great barrier reef
  • If I Could Choose a Superpower: read minds, to know what people are thinking so I can be the best at building relationships


  • Favorite Movie(s): We Bought a Zoo
  • Favorite Holiday: Halloween! I love dressing up, parties, and all things Fall.
  • Hobbies/Interests: gardening, Zumba, education, travel, and soccer
  • Dream Vacation: Alaska because I love wildlife.
  • If I Could Choose a Superpower: Teleportation so I never have to drive again.