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Scott + Sundas

Banking / Federal Consultant


Caucasian / South Asian


All About Scott & Sundas

Scott Bio:

Scott is a Chartered Financial Analyst, holding dual Bachelor’s degrees in Accounting and Finance from the University of Maryland. He is incredibly ambitious and managed to obtain 2 degrees in the time that it takes most to complete 1, while maintaining an almost perfect GPA through school and juggling multiple internships! He is currently working in banking, where he likes to say that he “crunches numbers” for a living. 

He loves math, sports, comedy, all things sweet, and is big on hygiene! Scott is the one in our home who does the laundry (making sure colors are never mixed together accidentally and that all care instructions are specifically followed), and is the guy who is always trying to make people laugh.

Personality-wise, he is considerate, thoughtful, strong, resilient and although a man of few words, very impactful when he has something to say. He has a gentle heart and soul, and unwavering morals. He has an incredibly unique way of thinking that sets him apart from most others.

Scott is an amazing husband, attentive and sweet. He is a great son(in-law), grandson, brother, uncle (my nephews say their favorite btw) and Dog-dad. I cannot wait to see him become a dad one day because I know just how lucky I am to have him in our lives!

Sundas Bio: 

Sundas is a Forensic-Scientist by academics, specifically having studied Crime Scene Investigation at George Washington University. She holds an undergrad from the University of Virginia in Women’s Studies, with a major in Gender-based Violence. She currently serves as a Federal Consultant at the Department of Justice, as well as a Volunteer in Police Service with the Major Crimes Bureau of Fairfax County, VA. 

In her spare time, Sundas loves to spend time with family, sing & play a little bit of guitar, paint, decorate the home (depending on the season), bake, pray, and work on her small business.

Personality-wise, Sundas is naturally very caring. She is intelligent (both emotionally and otherwise), driven, kind-hearted, and an overall beautiful human. On the first day I met her, she told me that she wanted to adopt a child one day and was looking for a partner that had the same kind of heart. 

She is an incredible wife, loving sister, doting aunt, caring daughter(and daughter-in-law), the best dog-mama and I know, with every bone in my body, that she will make for an outstanding mother.

Why Adoption?

I, Sundas, have always wanted to adopt. Having lived in Pakistan as a child, I saw other children in destitution and always wanted to help. My grandmother used to say that if you help one person, you can help an entire generation and I lived by that. Sometimes the biggest impact is with one person, one meaningful action, and one occurrence. 

I expressed this to Scott early in our relationship and he was happy with the idea. We thought we would only really want 2 children and maybe have one biologically and adopt one. For us, having a strong faith in God, we always felt that family is what is connected by love and soul bonds. The vessel that our children come in do not make them our child, but rather how much we love them, how much we uplift their soul and how much we raise them to be good, genuine human beings. In a situation where a birthmother is on board, the love just multiplies and there are no words to describe that value! 

When we started trying for a child, and as our marriage has progressed (over 8 years now) we have had trouble conceiving. We have been told by doctors that there is no clinical reason which makes us think it was not the time for a biological child. So we decided to reverse our plans and adopt first (the order does not really matter)! We waited till we became stable, and bought a large house with a dedicated nursery and playroom, and a huge yard for our pup, Baloo. Now we are as ready as can be! We were officially home study approved in December 2022, and have a wonderful social worker and attorney team ready to go at a moment’s notice!

Family & Home

We live in the horse country of Virginia, Loudoun County! Our house is 3 stories, with a nursery that Sundas designed, did carpentry for and decorated. We have a huge backyard on 3 acres of land with a swimming pool. Our property has fruit trees from which wildlife like deer come and graze early in the mornings and at sunset. We have a Bernese Mountain Dog that we love like our child- he is beautiful, gentle, loving, acts like a Disney character and will betray us any day for a treat. Haha!

Our community is full of families of various age ranges, so our little one would have playmates. We both have family close by as well that visit almost every weekend. We do dinners, game nights, movies, karaoke, go to brunch, have tea, go on walks, etc. our lifestyle is kind of low key but we save to travel and have unique experiences when we can. Most of our life really is about family. Sundas raised two of her nephews and they come over frequently. Our best friends also have small children— one just had a baby— and they come over a lot as well to swim in the summertime and play with the pup throughout the year. We think our biggest blessings really are family.

how we met

How We Met

We met on New Year's Day of 2015 and instantly clicked. Our relationship is very yin and Yang- Scott tends to listen while I tend to talk, which worked out well. Over the years, Scott is talking a lot more though and I am bettering my listening skills. We complement each other well and knew that almost immediately. Scott proposed to me the following year in New York City, and we wed shortly after that. The only way we can describe it is that we met and became a unit, and then there was never any other way!

Advice to Future Child

Sweet child, tethered to us by soul, we are so very excited to meet and know you. For you awaits: a home longing for the patter of little footsteps; a room, waiting to be filled with all of your favorite things; a family that already wants to give you the world, and hearts over-pouring with love.

Whether you came from our bodies or not, you are already a part of us because God wrote the bond between us, and He makes no mistakes. 

We can’t wait to bring you home, to watch you grow, give you advice, teach you what our parents taught us and more. There are so many adventures that you will go on and so many milestones you will go through. There will be joys, and there will be heartbreak, but Mom and Dad will be there to help carry you and find your way. 

Sweetheart, you are the stuff that stars are made of. You are everything we ever hoped for, and so much more. As we sit here and wait for you, we are filled with all of the wonders that your adventure will bring and incredible hope 🤍

Perspectives on Open Adoption

We believe in transparency and would love to have a relationship with the birth mother. The more our child (yours and ours, if you choose us) knows about where he/she came from, the healthier they will be. If they can ask about you and we can turn to you to get those answers, he/she would not have to wonder. Also, there can never be too much love for a child. It really does take a village. In my experience (Sundas), my immigrant parents worked 3 jobs each to put food on the table. My mother was rarely around because life was the way it was and my older sisters helped raise me. My grandmother also had a helping hand, as did the teachers in my life. I am forever grateful for all those in my life that have had a hand in raising me. I understand my mother and love her the most for all of her sacrifices. Today, she is my best friend. 🤍


  • Favorite Movie: Forrest Gump
  • Favorite Holiday/Tradition: Christmas (specifically opening gifts)
  • Hobbies/Interests: sports, good food/sweets, good shows, traveling, spending time with family, comedy
  • Dream Vacation: New Zealand or Thailand
  • If I Could Choose a Superpower: talk to animals (specifically Baloo)
  • Favorite Movie: The Notebook/Harry Potter/Elf (hard to pick one)
  • Favorite Holiday/Tradition: Christmas!!! Shopping, wrapping gifts, decorating, music (all of it)!
  • Hobbies/Interests: singing, painting, good food, good tv, antiquing, horse riding, spending time with family, praying
  • Dream Vacation: Maldives or Kenya (to see the giraffes)
  • If I Could Choose a Superpower: read minds (I can’t imagine how many cases I would solve!)

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