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All About Sean & Chelsea

Hi! We are Sean and Chelsea and we want to thank you for considering our profile. Thank you for carefully reviewing parent profiles to determine what you feel is the right fit for your child! Though we haven't met you yet, we want you to know that we think you are courageous for considering adoption! We pray for you and want the best for you and your child.
We like to refer to our family as a team because we rely and depend on each other every day! We know how important cooperation, selflessness, and fun are for a healthy team environment. We have been married for 13 years and we have two biological children that are 8 and 10. Our children are very excited about having more siblings to love!
We often spend our time as a family taking road trips, playing horseshoes with our extended family, cheering on our children at their sporting and musical events, and taking walks or bike rides through our neighborhood or hiking the Colorado Rockies.

Why Adoption?

Ever since Chelsea was a little girl, she wondered if adoption would play a part in her story. She was interested in helping children find a safe and loving place to be. As we were married and began having children, adoption seemed like something that wouldn't happen for us. After our two children were born, with a lot of thought and prayer, we decided our family wasn't finished quite yet. Even at this time, Chelsea wondered if it was time to adopt, but we were soon pregnant and happy to add to our family. The photo of our son wearing his big brother shirt is from our announcement of this child! Unfortunately, when Chelsea was 19 weeks, we discovered our sweet baby boy no longer had a heartbeat. The next year we tried again and lost our baby at 13 weeks.  As you might imagine, both of these losses resulted in hospital visits, as well as emotional, and physical wounds.  Doctors were stunned and not quite sure why we were losing these precious babies. These miscarriages have increased the chance for another loss if we were to get pregnant again.  Though we are heartbroken that those babies are not here with us, the door to adoption was opened. We are excited to find out what little child will come and join us!

Family & Home

Our neighborhood is in a quiet community on the edge of a larger city.  There are many children that live in our neighborhood and are frequently out playing together.  We also love that we live within walking distance of our grocery store!  Sean’s parents live right down the street from us and our children love going over to visit and play games with them.  Sean’s siblings all live in Colorado and our children have eight cousins that they enjoy playing with when we get together! Chelsea’s parents and sister live in Colorado as well, about two hours away.  We try to visit with them at least once a month during school and more often in the summer!
We have lived in our home for five years and we have put a lot of hard work, love, care, and *ahem* money into making it a place we want to be!  Our  favorite place to be in the house is in our family room or our kitchen.  It’s the perfect place to grab a cookie, snuggle on the couch, and talk, play a game, or watch TV together.  Each of our children have their own room as well as a loft that they use to keep toys, books, and craft supplies.

How others describe me

Meet Sean, as Introduced by Chelsea: I became friends so quickly with Sean because I could tell that he was genuinely kind, cared about people, and lived a happy life.  He is such a fun person to be around and his optimism is inspiring.  He loves to play with our kids and tell them jokes and riddles.  They love his energy and competitive nature.  Sean also loves to play and watch sports!  (Look for the video that shows him making a full court basketball shot backwards!)  When he makes comments during a game that’s on, the sports commentator usually says the exact same thing on TV 2 or 3 seconds later. He uses his talents of compassion and fun every day in teaching his high school students.  Sean is naturally gifted at teaching and helps students to grow and recognize their own gifts and talents.  Teaching close to our home has given him the flexibility to pick up our kids every day from school and provides an opportunity for him to spend more time with both of them.  Since day one of parenthood, he has been invested and involved in our relationship and with our children.  Sean has done his fair share of diaper changes, bottle feedings, homework sessions, chores, meal preps, and bedtime tuck-ins!  He is usually first to volunteer to help out in our home.  He has found helpful and meaningful ways to offer me support, love, and care.  He is truly my best friend and someone I am thankful to have in my life! 

Meet Chelsea, as Introduced by Sean: I remember having a conversation with a trusted adult in my life back when I had just met Chelsea and was interested in dating her. As the conversation turned to my interest in Chelsea, he simply said, “She’s the real deal!” I can’t think of a better compliment to give to Chelsea other than to say that she has proven to be “the real deal” everyday of our 13 years of marriage. From the first moment I met Chelsea, I just knew I wanted to be around her as much as I possibly could.

Chelsea has a genuinely sincere and kind heart. She has a strong desire to do what is right and to make it easy for the people in her life to do what is right. Chelsea lives in gratitude for the good things in her life, and she encourages our family to share what we have with others. If Chelsea inherited a large quantity of money or possessions, she would most want to give it away to bless the lives of others. Chelsea is the source of all creative fun for our family. She loves planning activities for our family that are themed around holidays, and its not just the major holidays. Two of our family favorites are a fun April Fools Day dinner service and a celebration of our ancestors for Dia de Los Muertos.

Chelsea is very intelligent, hard working and capable of anything. When there is a job in our church or in our community that needs to be filled, I always think of Chelsea as the perfect person for the job! With that being said, Chelsea has sacrificed so many worldly opportunities and honors to be a stay at home mother and be available 24/7 for her children and our family. Her devotion to our children and to me inspires me to try to be the best version of myself that I can be for our family. I am a fortunate and blessed man to be partnered up with Chelsea. She’s the real deal!

how we met

How We Met

We fell in love after becoming best friends in 2008 while attending the same university. When we met, Sean knew right away that he wanted to start dating Chelsea. Chelsea wasn't so sure at first. Our first date was supposed to be watching The Pirates of the Caribbean 3 at Chelsea's apartment. Chelsea previously arranged for a friend to come over to interrupt the date in case she wanted Sean to leave. Haha! Even though we didn't watch the movie, we ended up talking for hours and we became close friends. After spending the next four months studying together, helping each other, and having lots of fun together, Chelsea finally realized that Sean was more than just a great friend and we started dating. We were married eight months later and have been married for 13 years!

Advice to Future Child

Dear Child, 

You are loved.  You have been loved since before the day you were born.  Not only do you have the love of your parents, but you were also carried by your beautiful birth mother for nine months and she loved you every single day!  She wanted to make a plan that would provide the best for you and she did it willingly because of this great love that she has for you.  You have other family members that love you and are encouraging you to become whoever you are meant to be.  A favorite quote says, “We didn’t come to this earth to gain our worth…we brought it with us”.  Our biggest hope and dream for you is that you might recognize this worth that you have and treat everyone around you with that same respect, knowing they have the same infinite worth that you do!
We hope that you go after your dreams!  Find your passion, become educated, learn the value of hard work, and learn how to give back.  Your voice matters and your talents can help shape the world that we live in.  There is a reason you are here.

When adversity comes, and it will come, we hope and pray that you remember these important truths.  Though life can be hard, we know that those challenges are unique to you and help to shape you and prepare you for great things ahead.  Remember that you don’t have to do it alone!  You can always come to us for any problem that comes your way.  We promise to stand by you even when things are tough.  We couldn’t be more grateful that you are here!


Your Parents

Perspectives on Open Adoption

Through our extensive training in preparation for adoption, we have learned how important it is for a child to maintain contact with his/her birth family. We hope to provide a loving relationship for our adopted child(ren) with their birth family through open adoption. Details about what our open adoption will look like will depend on the wants and needs of the birth mom or birth parents.  We understand that every situation is different though and we are open to other types of adoption if an open adoption is not right for you.


  • Favorite Movie: I like “Remember the Titans” and the Avengers movies.
  • Favorite Holiday/Tradition: I love Thanksgiving and Christmas!  Both are family centered and inspire me to strive to become the best version of myself.
  • Hobbies/Interests: watching and playing sports, coaching, teaching, and spending quality time with the people I love
  • Dream Vacation: The location is not as important to me as are the people I am with!  But, if I had to choose…somewhere sunny and stress free!
  • If I Could Choose a Superpower: The ability to build bridges of understanding and unite people who are divided and at odds :)
  • Favorite Movie: I am not a huge movie person, but some of my favorites are A Walk to Remember, Black Panther, and Coco.  My favorite shows are Gilmore Girls (Oy with the poodles already!) and Call the Midwife.
  • Favorite Holiday/Tradition: My birthday is July 3rd and I have always loved the 4th of July!  We love spending the day together outside, playing games or attending a festival, and of course ending the night with fireworks!
  • Hobbies/Interests: singing, volunteering, hiking, arts, acting, and dancing
  • Dream Vacation: Visit Holland to see where my grandma grew up and to see the Tulip Festival!
  • If I Could Choose a Superpower: I wish that I could manipulate time. Sometimes, I want to slow down time, like when I see my kids getting so big!  Other times, I want to speed up time, like when I’m holding a plank position! ;)

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