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All About Stayton & Ashley

We are Stayton and Ashley. We have been married for almost 14 years and have three children, two cats and three dogs! We have a love for travel and adventure, but also love slowing down and enjoying our home and community. Our family is our focus. We love growing together and helping each other navigate the joys and challenges in life. We are all excited to welcome a child into our loving home and excited about open adoption! 

Our favorite date night is getting some good food and treats and then watching a movie at home. We love games and are pretty competitive, so family game nights are weekly! Our oldest child is a social butterfly and has a heart as big as the sun. She is very loving. always quick to give someone a hug, and loves music and art. Our son is very smart and also very kind. He never wants anyone to be sad and is very sensitive to the feelings of those around him. He loves legos, Mario, and gymnastics! Our youngest daughter is a firecracker and very independent. She loves to help in the kitchen, princesses, organizing, gymnastics and dance!

Stayton loves loves LOVES cars and shoes. He is an avid collector of both! In his free time, he enjoys working around the yard and watching any type of documentary. Stayton is very hardworking and extremely loyal. He loves watching sports, especially the Utah Jazz and San Fransisco Giants. He loves college football and is a die-hard Auburn fan.

Ashley like anything cozy! Blankets, sweaters, socks, if it's cozy she needs it!  Ashley owns a paper goods company that she loves creating new items for. She has a love-hate relationship with exercise and has a weakness for animals (which is why we have 3 dogs and 2 cats!). 


Why Adoption?

We have always had a pull toward adoption and have thought a lot about it for the last few years. Stayton's mother is a birth mom so we have an extra soft spot in our hearts for all the wonderful birth moms in the world. After learning that Ashley would not be able to carry any more children naturally we mended our hearts and decided that we would continue with our adoption journey. We have gone into this with open hearts and minds and are hopeful for what connections and relationships we will make along the way. We have so much love to give to you both and are excited to meet you. 

Family & Home

Our Home: We don’t want to just show you photos of our home but really want to tell you the feeling that we strive to have IN our home. Our home has been described as inviting and cozy. We love creating a space that serves our family and friends. More than that we like to create a space of safety. We always want our kids to feel safe and loved in our home-- a place for them to escape daily stresses and pressures. We love gathering around a kitchen table with treats and games, or making some popcorn and piling on mom and dad’s bed to watch a movie. We are all kind of homebodies and love spending time here. In the summer, we enjoy going for walks around our neighborhood, playing whiffle ball in our backyard, and going for bike rides. You will often find us all in the backyard jumping on the tramp or throwing a ball with the dogs. In the winter, we have a huge sledding hill next to our house where we like to take the sleds out and spend a day in the snow. Building a snowman is always a must and all three of our kids love making snow ice cream! We also love watching our littlest dog in the snow; he loves running around as fast as he can and burying his face in all the fresh snow! We have put lots of time and hard work into our home, custom building it from scratch about 5 years ago. We loved doing it and the way it turned out, but we love the people in it the most!

Neighborhood: We live up close to the mountains and every day are so grateful for this beautiful view that we have. We have great neighbors whom we are extremely close to-- so close that we have a gate connecting our backyards so we can visit easily! Our neighborhood is full of dogs, cats, horses, and bunnies. We live in a neighborhood where everyone looks out for each other. Last year Stayton had a tumor removed from his neck right before Christmas. We had lots of neighbors bringing us dinner, offering to help with the kids, and even bringing by Christmas activities for the kids to do so they didn’t miss out on any Christmas fun. They prayed for us and sent us their love and we are forever grateful for all of them. Our neighborhood is safe and well-rounded with kids and parents of all ages. We live close to schools and parks and are within an hour of all the big city events. Our school district has been amazing. They know my kids by name and are always good to communicate with us on how they are doing. We love where we live and the community we have, and we truly feel like we were meant to be here!

How others describe me

Stayton has a strong and driven personality. He is organized and very hard working. He is everybody’s fix-it guy and often receives texts and phone calls from others needing help. People know they can count on Stayton and they trust him. He is very generous with his talents, time, and resources. Stayton is always looking to improve himself and be the best that he can be. He is quick to apologize and is very loving. He always has his family's best interest in mind. Stayton is a generous, driven, and fun man. He is an awesome team player. 

Ashley was made for motherhood. She is so nurturing and is always thinking of fun activities to do as a family. She finds creative ways to keep the children's minds growing, grasping, and transforming. She is selfless and gives her all to the different roles she has in life to the best of her ability. She is honest, Christ-like, and is always giving of herself to those who need her. Ashley is a kind, fun, compassionate, and honest person.

how we met

How We Met

Stayton and I met on MySpace. 

Advice to Future Child

Be one of the helpers. Be compassionate and kind in all things. Give people second chances, love others, forgive quickly, don’t judge, and know that we are always able to try again when we fail. Find what makes you happy and be confident in life.

Perspectives on Open Adoption

We love open adoption. We would like to be able to have so many people rooting for and loving this child. We believe that it's best to let the child navigate their comfort level as they get older and supporting them with what they would like. We understand the delicacy of the feelings involved and would like to make a hard situation filled with as much love and openness that is safe and healthy for everyone. 



  • Favorite Movies: Orange County
  • Favorite Holiday: Christmas
  • Hobbies/Interests: Cars, History, Sports
  • Dream Vacation: Germany
  • If I Could Choose a Superpower: Time travel


  • Favorite Movies: Lars and the Real Girl 
  • Favorite Holiday: Halloween and Christmas
  • Hobbies/Interests: Traveling, working out, movies
  • Dream Vacation: Scotland
  • If I Could Choose a Superpower: Telepathy

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