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Tommy + Jeni

Project Manager / Pediatric Nurse Practitioner



All About Tommy & Jeni

We aren’t perfect, but we are perfect for each other. Our home is usually filled with some kind of music, some kind of mess from the last playtime, some kind of (good) smell coming from the kitchen, some kind of prayerful intention, and some kind of excitement for the next adventure. Whether it’s a day of work, a Lego project, a hike or building forts in the basement, we are always ‘all-in’ and do whatever we can to enjoy the moment and build our strong family foundation. In our quiet time, we read and color, we FaceTime friends and family, and we say our prayers for past, current and future family. All four of us are excited for this adoption journey and welcoming our new addition! At bedtime, we pray with our daughters for you (the birth mother) and the baby every night.

Why Adoption?

Adoption was something we talked about on one of our very first dates over ten years ago. Our hearts have always been open to adoption and we knew this would be a big part of how we grew our family. After having two wonderful daughters and Jeni transitioning to a stay at home mom, the timing to pursue adoption seems natural.

Family & Home

We recently moved from a big city to a small town and couldn’t be happier. Our new home has lots of comfortable space for our growing family. The girls love sharing their room and talking about where the crib will go in the nursery. The community and neighbors have been incredibly welcoming to us and we felt at home shortly after moving to town. Small town life has given us some unique opportunities such as going to outdoor kid concerts and main street ice cream parlors with friends and neighbors. We both come from large, active families. With over a dozen cousins, there are many family gatherings to celebrate holidays, birthdays and just because. Since COVID started, it has been hard on the whole family to have fewer gatherings, but we have done our best to make up for that with frequent video calls. Everyone in the family has been extremely supportive and excited to welcome a new baby to the family through adoption.