Welcome! Meet:

Troy + Jennifer

Remodeling Contractor, Business Owner / Environmental Scientist and Manger




All About Troy & Jennifer

We are Troy and Jennifer and are very glad to ‘meet’ you.  We live with our dog, Lewis, in a friendly neighborhood with lots of trees and outdoor play spaces.  We enjoy hiking, kayaking, dog walking, and anything outdoors with friends.  We are people of faith who regularly attend and serve at church.  Jennifer does research for a federal science agency and Troy owns his own home remodeling company. We are intentional about visiting family and staying close with our parents, siblings, nieces, and nephew.  Raising children is one of our greatest desires, but we are not able to get pregnant; so we don’t have children of our own. We would be honored if you would consider us as adoptive parents for your child.

Why Adoption?

Raising children is one of our greatest desires, but we do not have children of our own.  We have been married since 2016 and have always thought that children would be part of our life together. Through a few years of fertility treatments, we found that we cannot have children of our own.  After accepting this fact, we decided that adoption would be another equally great pathway for us toward building our family. We dream about cooking and eating meals together, playtime, outdoor adventures, doing homework, and supporting a child’s healthy upbringing.  We each have cousins with beautiful children who are adopted and we see the joy and fullness that they experience and long for it ourselves.  
As we approach adoption, we have a strong network of family and friends who are supportive and are excited to help welcome a child or children into our lives. Our parents are looking forward to being involved grandparents.  Our friends hope that they will become ‘aunts and uncles’ to our adopted child.  We are surrounded by families within our church who have had children through surrogate mothers, adoption, or just very late-in-life children, so our story is not an uncommon one in the community we find ourselves in.  

Family & Home

We have a large brick home in a friendly neighborhood with lots of trees and outdoor play spaces.  There are two bedrooms available for children and a full basement for a play area inside the house. We have three full bathrooms. The neighborhood is off the main road with little traffic except for those who live here.  Neighbors regularly walk outside together and children ride bikes around the streets safely.
We are close with our families and see our parents as often as possible.  Troy’s parents live 45 minutes away and are still married for more than 50 years. They are healthy and still cut their grass and maintain a house independently.  They are supportive of our adoption process and look forward to being involved grandparents for our child.  Troy’s sister and her husband live in North Carolina close to their two adult children who are each in college or graduate school.  We visit with them every few months.  Jennifer’s parents live in Ohio and have been married 49 years.  They too are healthy and maintain their home independently.  They also are excited about our adoption process and will travel to our home frequently to visit and help care for our child(ren) once we adopt.  Jennifer’s brother and his 12 yr old daughter also live in Ohio.  We see them regularly and enjoy visits, travel, and phone calls regularly.  All of our family members are willing to offer time or resources in support of the growth of our family.  Our friends are also very supportive.  Troy and I have an active network of 12 friends whom we cycle, hike, and travel.  They are also largely a part of our faith community, so we share similar values.  Our friends understand the deep desires we have for children and hope for that for us as well. We expect that they will become ‘aunts and uncles’ to our adopted child.  Finally, we love our neighbors.  We moved into a new neighborhood in 2019 and were warmly welcomed.  Their welcome has continued and we feel that our neighbors would watch out for our child in a loving way and welcome them into our community.
While we do not have our own children, we have been involved in the lives of our siblings’ children and those of our friends.  We are godparents to a 2-year old boy of a family in our church and Jennifer is a godparent for her high school best friend’s daughter who also is named Jennifer.  Troy volunteered in youth ministry for 14 years teaching Sunday school, helping to lead youth group and chaperoning retreats, and week-long home repair mission trips with middle school to high school age youth.  He refers to them as ‘his kids’ when he tells stories of them.  Jennifer taught Sunday school for 2nd graders and volunteered in the church nursery for 10+ years.  We have several friends who have small children and enjoy interacting and playing with the children when we visit.  Troy enjoys some of the toys as much as the kids do.  

How others describe me

Jennifer: I was first attracted to Troy’s solid, honest, reliable, and faithful stance on life. To this day, I find Troy’s knowledge, skill, and artistry attractive. He is understanding, reliable, focused on values, dedicated, and a skilled tradesperson. I know my husband loves me because he is vocal about his love and attraction and encourages me to accomplish my goals.  We just enjoy being with each other and with each other’s friends and family. The strengths in our marriage include good communication, helping each other achieve goals, and attending church together.

Troy: I was first attracted to Jennifer because she was smart, comfortable with herself, giving to others, a faithful Christian, beautiful, energetic, and strong. I still love all these things about Jennifer but feel that the depth of love has increased since going through fertility treatments, losing loved ones, and working on our home together. I know my wife loves me because she listens and encourages me, is a great cook, spends time with me, and cares for my parents and family. Some traits that still impress me about Jennifer are that she is caring, hardworking, funny, welcoming, hospitable, and thoughtful. We communicate and work well together, whether it’s during home projects or making life plans, and we just enjoy being together.