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All About Ty & Elise

Dear Birthmother, 

We are honored to be considered as a future family for your dear baby. Thank you for loving and protecting this child throughout your pregnancy. We admire the decision you are making to choose adoption. We are part of a legacy of adoption with Elise’s mother and her siblings all being adopted, and we are excited to add your baby to our family tree. We have a heart for children and have been hoping to start a family for many years. Your child would be a gift and a blessing, growing up with our unconditional love and raised with joy, laughter, and fun. We are praying for you. May God bless you and your precious child, giving you peace as you make this decision. 

With love,

Ty and Elise

Why Adoption?

Adoption has always been a wonderful option for us and seen in such a positive light. Elise’s mother and her siblings were all adopted as infants, and it is a fantastic family legacy. Her family is a loving, Christian family that wouldn’t exist if her grandmother hadn’t decided to pursue adoption. 

We’re looking forward to being parents, but we have been diagnosed with infertility. After prayerfully considering our options, we are excited to pursue adoption as an amazing way to start our family. Bringing your child into our lives and home will be an answer to a long desired prayer.

Family & Home

We've been preparing for a child and are excited to open up our home to them. Our neighborhood is quiet, yet active with many families out and about. We are a block away from a large park with lots of playground equipment for all ages, and fields that host community sports throughout the year. We are close to lakes, rivers and forests where we often enjoy hikes. We live in a 4 bedroom, 3 bath house in a family-friendly suburb of Sacramento, CA. Our “great room” regularly hosts lots of friends, family, dancing, and games. We have a beautiful backyard where our two retrievers love to romp and play. 

Both of our dogs absolutely adore children! Misha is our oldest at age 8 and is just looking to cuddle up with people at the end of the day. Koda is now 4 and adores people of all ages - he’s actually therapy certified and Elise volunteers with him once a week at a senior center. 

We are supported by our wonderful extended family, community of friends, and our church. Our life is filled with activity, smiles, and laughter. A typical weekend includes hosting BBQs, dancing, board games, and hikes with our dogs. We enjoy exploring and traveling, and go on multiple trips a year - whether it’s camping, overseas vacations, or visiting our extended families. Doing things together with our families is a huge priority; as we have gone on this journey of adoption, our family is supporting us and cannot wait to welcome your child!

How others describe me

“Let me tell you a bit about my wonderful husband, Ty. He is a thoughtful man who loves the Lord, someone I can always count on to be there, and I know he will be a fantastic dad! He has a quick sense of humor and a heart for service. He’s a handy-man around our house and patiently tackles problems for friends and family. Need help with a home project? Your car battery has died? Looking for some wise advice? Ty is ready and willing to help! At work, Ty is valued for creative and practical problem solving skills. He is an amazing cook but an even better grill-master! It’s a rare weekend when he doesn’t have the BBQ running. He has always loved playing sports (baseball, football, soccer, and more) and can’t wait to play with our children. My husband is a great dancer, a great board-game player, and will someday be a great father!”



“Elise is amazing. Do you know what our friends call her? ‘Mom!’ She is the friendliest, kindest, most caring person I have ever met, and I am so thankful she is my wife, and even after 9 years of marriage she still finds ways to amaze me. Her love of Jesus knows no bounds, and that love is poured out to everyone she knows. There is nobody more hospitable, and nobody I would trust more to organize and make plans. I have only ever heard praise for Elise the entire time I have known her, whether from friends, co-workers, or family. She is a great dancer, and does so like nobody is watching. There is nothing she has ever set her mind to accomplish that she has not completed, with anything less than spectacular success, which is why I know she’ll make an amazing mother.”


how we met

How We Met

We met each other while line dancing in college and got married in 2013 after graduation. The last nine years of marriage have been a great adventure for us!

Advice to Future Child

Dearest Little One,

You are already so loved by us, and we have been eagerly awaiting your arrival. We’re excited to introduce you to our family and to get to know you. We can’t wait to see your first smile, be there when you take your first steps, and teach you to ride a bike. We look forward to dance-nights, playing catch in the yard, reading books together, working on art projects, and exploring the world as a family. We will be your biggest fans and encourage you in whatever you choose to pursue. We’ll pick you up when you stumble and comfort you when you’re scared at night. We’ve already been praying for you and we cannot wait to live life with you. We believe that you are wonderfully made, and that God has knit you together in your mother’s womb. You have been joyfully chosen by us, and chosen by God. 

With love,

Ty and Elise

Perspectives on Open Adoption

We both believe that open adoption can be a beautiful thing. We think adoption is wonderful, and it’s so courageous of the birthmother to choose adoption for her baby. We would be happy to continue to provide life updates and pictures to the birthmother throughout the child’s life, and would be open to discussing potential contact and meetings.


  • Favorite Movie: Captain America
  • Favorite Holiday/Tradition: Putting lights up for Christmas. I think everyone enjoys a well lit house for Christmas, and that brings people joy.
  • Hobbies/Interests: line dancing, board games, and home improvement projects
  • Dream Vacation: anywhere relaxing and experiencing new places with Elise, but Fiji or Greece sound pretty cool
  • If I Could Choose a Superpower: Super Strength: it appeals to my protective instincts, much the way I love Captain America; his defining feature is the shield, a tool primarily used for protection
  • Favorite Movie: Life as You Know It! I pretty much enjoy any romantic comedy
  • Favorite Holiday/Tradition: Every Thanksgiving, my aunt would bake gingerbread houses for all the cousins. We all gather and decorate the houses together. We still continue this tradition to this day, and I love seeing the individual creativity as each person decorates their own houses.
  • Hobbies/Interests: line dancing, board games, hiking, and reading
  • Dream Vacation: I love seeing the world and visiting different places and trying all the different foods. My dream vacation would be visiting a new country with Ty by my side, and eating our way through all the tasty local dishes and restaurants.
  • If I Could Choose a Superpower: Teleportation! I would love to be able to visit anywhere in the world or visit friends and family anytime I like.

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