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Tyler + Lindsey

Teacher/Strength & Conditioning Coach / Photographer




All About Tyler & Lindsey

How do we introduce ourselves to someone who is as brave as you? Our words seem inadequate for how we feel about you considering us as parents for your future little one. We believe that life is meant to be experienced and love to travel. Out of all of the places we have been and things we have done, our most exciting adventure will be seeing and experiencing the world through our child’s eyes.

About Lindsey:
I have a creative heart that is passionate about many things. I was raised in a family that supported and encouraged me to try a bit of everything to figure out my interests and explore who I wanted to be. A lot of my childhood was spent at the lake, playing sports, spending time with family, and learning all I could about music. As I've gotten older I've realized how fortunate I was to have parents who let me find my passions and were there for me every step of the way.  I opened my own photography business after college and have been blessed that it is now my full time job. I get to create my own work schedule and best of all work from home! I also coach a few fitness classes during the week and value the importance of a healthy lifestyle.  My faith grows more and more each day. My relationship with God is a constant reminder of how powerful love is and will always be. 

About Tyler:
Being one of 5 children, there was never a dull moment growing up in my family. We are all 2 years apart so we were always pulling pranks on each other, having dance parties, and making the best memories. I was very involved in sports growing up, which allowed me to play collegiate level baseball. I continued down this path and now teach strength and conditioning classes at the high school level. Music is very important in my life and I love being able to play with Lindsey and my family. Since meeting Lindsey, I've started enjoying hiking and adventuring to places that most people never get the opportunity to see. My relationship with God is strong and I am grateful that I married someone that makes me want to be a better human being.

Why Adoption?

Early in our relationship we felt pulled to adoption, making it our first choice to expand our family. There is an unexplainable but reassuring feeling that God has created our child in the loving care of another woman. 

Adoption won't be new for our family. We play a large role in our niece Amelia's life and she in ours. Getting to be with her almost every day is the biggest blessing. She was born and placed with our close knit family around the same time that we met and started dating. We had already discussed pursuing adoption in the future and now feel very passionate about adopting across racial lines to further blend our family. Our child and Amelia will be encouraged to depend on each other for things and feelings that we can support, but may not be able to relate to or understand. Our child will have her to look up to and we cannot wait to watch her heart grow as they learn together.

Family & Home

We built and moved into our home in 2021. We have a large back yard that connects to our parents' property with lots of room to explore! We have two fluffy dogs that love to run and play. Lindsey's parents also have a few sweet farm animals next door! We live close to the lake and go often with family and close friends (with kiddos) during the summer.
We both have incredibly close knit families. Lindsey’s parents live next door and we see Amelia (our 8 year old niece), every day. Tyler is one of 5 children and we have two nephews and a niece on his side too! We both speak and see our families very often if not daily. We have the best support system with our family and friends who have supported us and loved us every step of our journey.

How others describe me

How Tyler describes Lindsey:
She has a big heart that is always growing. Whether it’s about faith, a project, health… she is always trying to learn more to grow her knowledge. She is resilient and determined. One thing that immediately attracted me to her was how selfless she is. She is incredibly patient especially when it comes to relationships and discipline. I am so proud of who she is and who she is growing to be; I cannot wait to see her be a mom.

How Lindsey describes Tyler:
Tyler is the type of person that everyone loves. It’s hard to go anywhere that someone doesn’t stop to tell me how much of an impact he has had on them or their kids at school. His heart is made of gold. I’m so grateful that I found someone who is outgoing and adventurous and knows how to love. It’s hard to be in a bad mood around him, as he knows how to make everyone laugh and pick them up when they are down. He inspires me to be a better person each day.

how we met

How We Met

We met in the summer of 2014 at a restaurant on the lake. Tyler was playing in a band and introduced himself on their break. He traveled two hours every weekend after that to prove that the distance didn't matter. A year and a half later, he proposed and we started planning the rest of our lives together!

Advice to Future Child

Our child will be raised to be brave and kind. In a messy beautiful world, we want them to know the impact that being loved and giving love can have.
We will support their decisions and help guide them along the way whether it’s about big life decisions or small ones.
We will love every part of them and pray for them daily. We already are.

Perspectives on Open Adoption

We know the importance that a relationship with biological families can hold in adopted children’s lives. Together, we would love to come up with a plan that works for the birth mother. She’s in charge and we will try our best to fully support her needs. If she wants an open, semi-open, or closed adoption- we value her needs. Each situation is so unique and so is each child.


  • Favorite Movie: V for Vendetta
  • Favorite Holiday/Tradition: Thanksgiving dinner, followed by football/nap time
  • Hobbies/Interests: music, hiking, spending time at the lake, exercise
  • Dream Vacation: New Zealand
  • If I Could Choose a Superpower: teleportation
  • Favorite Movie: Wayne’s World or Elf
  • Favorite Holiday/Tradition: Always jamming Christmas music beginning the day after Thanksgiving. All holidays are the best, especially with family and friends.
  • Hobbies/Interests: the outdoors, hiking, music, photography and the arts
  • Dream Vacation: anywhere with mountains!
  • If I Could Choose a Superpower: flying

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