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All About Tyler & Sarah

While Tyler has always been a Kansas boy, Sarah preferred to jump around a bit more before landing back in Kansas City in 2017. If we aren’t home with our dogs or hosting friends at home, we can most likely be found trying new restaurants, listening to music or spending time with family and friends. While Sarah loves to travel, Tyler is still warming up to the idea so he can usually be found at home with the dogs during some of Sarah’s trips.

Why Adoption?

Tyler and Sarah Wolters have chosen to pursue adoption at this time because they desire to grow their family.  He would like to give a child a loving home that may otherwise not have.  She feels there are too many children without loving homes and believes she is capable of loving a child not biologically hers.  Tyler’s interest in adoption began as a youth watching his babysitter’s adopted son grow up in a loving home.  Sarah started considering adoption in her late teens as a possibility of something she would be interested in later in her life.  Tyler thinks he and Sarah would be great adoptive parents because they both have the ability to love someone as their own and they both have a passion for adoption.  Sarah thinks she and Tyler would be great adoptive parents because they can provide a loving home and are willing to learn about their child and culture.  Her experience with youth as a teacher and mentor and through her nonprofit camp have helped prepare her to have a child from a variety of backgrounds and with a variety of needs in their home.  Sarah respects her husband’s openness to conversation from the beginning of the adoption process, and his ability to love any child.  Tyler does not have any personal experience with adoption prior to this process.  Sarah has worked with foster and adopted youth as a classroom teacher, special education teacher, and board member for Cabins4Kids.  She has always been interested in adoption, so she has done research throughout her adult life.

Family & Home

While our family is spread across KS, MO and into IL and TX, we are very close with our families on both sides. Our friend group is a family in itself and one that is thrilled to support us on this adventure. Our friends are a mix of couples with children or working on starting their family and couples who want nothing more than to serve as aunts and uncles for the children of our group. We frequently find ourselves driving all over the metro area as we have friends and families in many different communities throughout Kansas City.

 Our house sits right at the entrance of our neighborhood giving us an extra large corner lot backyard. Our backyard is fully fenced in with a deck, patio, garden beds and plenty of room for a swing set, toys or even a baseball game. There is, of course, plenty of room to run around with Adie and Sydney since the yard is safely fenced in as well. Our neighborhood has easy access to everything downtown KC offers with the parks and community centers of suburbia surrounding us. You wouldn't know how close we are to downtown by the number of deer we watch outside of our front yard! We can be downtown or in our rural neighbors towns within 30 minutes from any direction allowing us to fully explore and benefit from so many nearby communities.

How others describe me

There are so many great things that I can say about Sarah, that’s incredibly tough to fit into one paragraph (so I didn’t!). Her love for family is as deep as it gets. Her love and commitment to them is one of the things I find most beautiful about her. She’s so much wiser than I am, that it’s incredible to be married to someone that balances me out so well. She’s extremely thorough and organized, and does a great job of thinking through each situation before making a decision. She loves games, movies (particularly ones that have a fairy tale ending), music that she can sing along to, and being a role model to her “camp children” from her Cabins4Kids camps that she’s been a part of for many years. There are so many wonderful characteristics about this woman, that it is no surprise I’ve been attracted to her since the first day I met her! - Tyler

Tyler has the biggest heart of anyone I’ve ever met. I envy his ability to forgive wholeheartedly in an instant. His compassion for the world around him is truly amazing. Tyler thinks he’s hilarious and he’s usually pretty funny, but sometimes the best part is just watching him laugh at his own jokes. His “silly” side is my favorite side although he can be shy about showing it to everyone. He makes me laugh daily and is constantly pushing me to be a better person. Even if he does it in the least pushy way. His favorite things are the simple things in life; surrounded by friends and family, good food, good music and hosting at home. - Sarah

how we met

How We Met

We met as competitors during a Sunday Skee Ball league.  We bonded over our desire for everyone to calm down on their competitiveness, and although our teams finished in last place during the regular season, we met head to head in the tournament championship!  Tyler figured it was a perfect time to ask this girl that he’d been so greatly seeking attention from out on a date, and the rest is history!

Advice to Future Child

Family is so important to us both and we hope to teach our child the significance of family as well. We don't define family by blood and we want our children to know that they can choose how they define family as well. We are fiercely loyal and strive to help our community in any way we can. We plan to teach our child the importance of having a serving heart, compassion for their community and empathy for others. When it comes to more materialistic things, we hope to teach them a love for books, movies, music and games. Most of all, our hope for our child is that they grow up knowing they are loved. We want them to know they can and should be happy with the person that they are no matter how similar or different that person is from us.

Perspectives on Open Adoption

Tyler and Sarah Wolters have utmost respect for birth parents.  They would like to continue involvement with their child’s biological parents as long as boundaries are respected and it is in the best interest of the child.  Tyler and Sarah hope to maintain communication with their child’s birth parents and share pictures.  They think it is important to have an open and transparent relationship.


  • Favorite Movie: Pulp Fiction
  • Favorite Holiday/Tradition: Thanksgiving dinner, followed by football/nap time
  • Hobbies/Interests: golf, watching sports, movies, music, cooking
  • Dream Vacation: anything Arizona related
  • If I Could Choose a Superpower: invincibility
  • Favorite Movie: I have a favorite movie for every genre, so I'm at a loss on this one!
  • Favorite Holiday/Tradition: Cutting down our Christmas tree each year.
  • Hobbies/Interests: reading, baking, movies, gardening, live music
  • Dream Vacation: I love to travel so going anywhere new where I can find all the local gems and come home with some locally made earrings. I prefer a beach to mountains and a city to the country, but all travel is good travel.
  • If I Could Choose a Superpower: the ability to travel instantaneously

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