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William + Meredith

US Army / Museum Specialist




All About William & Meredith

When you think about the word “unique” one generally tends to define this as something that sets you apart from the rest. It’s meant to showcase that trait, that special something, that puts you in the front of the pack. From the outside we appear just like any other couple – you probably wouldn’t think twice about us if we crossed paths on the street. Meredith hails from Long Island and William was raised in a smaller city in New Jersey. We both moved to Florida early in life and then later met and married in Colorado where we currently reside. Meredith attended college at the University of Central Florida (Go Knights!) and William attended Auburn University (War Eagle!). We are avid football fans – both college and NFL – and when the game isn’t that important, we can even cheer for the partner’s team. Meredith is a brilliant crafter, having showered her nieces and nephews with many blankets, sweaters, booties, etc. that she creates by hand. William loves to cook for our family and do woodwork in his spare time.

We are both northern transplants to Florida that moved west to Colorado for our respective careers. Meredith became a Museum Specialist for the Air Force after completing her Master's Degree at West Florida University. The Air Force base doesn’t have an actual museum, but if a museum existed, Meredith would be known as the Museum Curator. Meredith takes care of the various artifacts, artwork, and aircraft on display for visitors. William is a Staff Sergeant in the United States Army. William joined the military 12 years ago after graduating from Auburn University with a degree in Engineering. After retiring, William looks forward to putting that education to practical use and/or teaching. The military has allowed us the privilege of visiting some beautiful places around the US and abroad. Unlike other military families, we have been able to be stable in our adopted home of Colorado, not needing to move regularly. When we aren’t at work we have several hobbies that keep us busy and allow us to relax. Meredith is an exceptional crafter, particularly in knitting and quilting. She has created stunning pieces for her nieces and nephews. She also enjoys reading and will partake in the guilty pleasure of reality TV (honestly, who doesn’t). William enjoys woodworking and has created such pieces as a blanket chest and humidors. He also enjoys cooking and baking and has been told that his chocolate lava cakes are divine. We never pass up the opportunity to spend time with our nieces and nephews and can’t wait until we can add a child to our adventures. Our nieces and nephews look forward to our visits as we bring goodies with us and if they happen to come for a visit, the kitchen is always stocked with the essentials for them to create a culinary masterpiece all their own. Together, we like to travel – one of our goals is to visit all of the National Parks. We also try to attend a few performances of the Denver Ballet each year, take in an art exhibit, and a live concert when we can (Bruce Springsteen and Garth Brooks were amazing!).



Why Adoption?

Adoption is a journey we have discussed since the first conversation regarding children. We had hoped to go down this path when we could provide a child with siblings. Unfortunately, due to complications caused by an ectopic pregnancy and a string of failed IVF attempts, we adjusted our life plans. There are a ton of misconceptions concerning adoption that float around in society – one of those being that an adopted child is not “loved” as much as a biological child. William has three adopted siblings, and we can say this is not true. William's brother and sisters were welcomed from day one and he cannot imagine not having them as family. We have positive feelings about open adoptions. Every child should know where they came from and be reassured that their birth parents did not choose adoption lightly. We look forward to the future conversation about continuing a relationship with the birth family.

Family & Home

We own our home in Colorado Springs with its picturesque view of Pike’s Peak. Our home has three bedrooms and a large finished basement that serves as an area for family and friends when they stay with us on a visit. Our home sits in a cul-de-sac of a very quiet street and the area is extremely quiet and safe. The neighborhood kids spend the weekends and school breaks playing in the playground right across the street.

William has five sisters and one brother. He has an undergraduate degree in Engineering and is currently getting a masters' degree in Engineering. He moved from New Jersey to Florida when he was in elementary school. He likes woodworking on the weekends and has made Meredith a blanket chest for her quilts. Meredith has two older brothers. She loves history so much that she got both an undergraduate degree and a masters' degree in it. She moved from New York to Florida via Oklahoma when she was a toddler. She loves making quilts for all her nieces and nephews.

How others describe me

William: I would describe Meredith as quiet and slow to warm up, but once she does she is an open book.
Meredith: I would describe William as a person who will chat with anyone no matter where we are.

how we met

How We Met

We meet on match.com and our first date was eight hours long: starting at a bbq restaurant and ending at Denny’s for dessert.

Advice to Future Child

You only get one chance at life so do what makes you happy.

Perspectives on Open Adoption

We have positive feelings about open adoptions. Every child should know where they came from and be reassured that their birth parents did not choose adoption lightly. We look forward to the future conversation about continuing a relationship with the birth family.



  • Favorite Movies: The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
  • Favorite Holiday: Christmas. I make my great-grandmother’s stollen every year.
  • Hobbies/Interests: Video games, reading, fishing, woodworking
  • Dream Vacation: Traveling Europe
  • If I Could Choose a Superpower: I’m more of the Batman type: use technology to fight crime.


  • Favorite Movies: Addams Family
  • Favorite Holiday: Christmas. I love hanging out with my nieces and nephews.
  • Hobbies/Interests: Sewing and knitting
  • Dream Vacation: Traveling Europe
  • If I Could Choose a Superpower: Flying!